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African-American Studies Minor

The African-American Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the collective histories, experiences, contributions, and social conditions of African-Americans in the United States and abroad, beginning with African roots and the Diaspora. Courses focus on the political, social, economic, scientific, and religious discourses that have shaped African-Americans.

This minor will integrate research and scholarship while enabling students to explore theories and methods that will enhance their awareness of race relationships, African-American culture, and African-American issues. Additionally, the minor will help students to better prepare themselves for professional endeavors, especially in such areas as health care, education, public service, and business. Students will have a better understanding of the diverse populations that many may serve in their careers. In addition to academic coursework, the African-American Studies minor sponsors public events throughout the year. These include panel discussions, lectures, and film screenings.


The African-American Studies minor draws upon the expertise of faculty in many academic areas within the University. These faculty offer courses appropriate to the scholarly study of African-American history, experience, contribution, and conditions.

Requirements and Curriculum

The minor consists of 18 credit hours (six courses). Courses taken for the minor must have an African-American or African context. At least one course must be taken from each of the listed three thematic areas (African context, African-American focus, and race in America).

The following course is required and should be taken prior to, or in conjunction with, other approved African-American courses: AAS 101: Introduction to African-American Studies.

The following courses may be taken to fill the thematic area requirements, each of which are 3 credit hour courses:

African Context

  • HIST 242: History of Africa
  • HIST 351: Colonial Legacy in Africa
  • ENGL 333: Modern African Literature

African-American Focus

  • HIST 228: African-American History
  • POLSC 242: African-American Political Thought
  • ENGL 331: Issues in African-American Literature
  • MUS 138: History of Jazz
  • HIST 220: History of Black Chicago

Race in America

  • SOC 224: The Invention of Race
  • SOC 225: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • EDU 315: Diversity in American Education

Additional Courses

  • SOC 283: Gangs and Society
  • SOC 325: Race, Class, Gender and the Law
  • POLSC 207: Urban Politics
  • HIST 310: History and Politics of Welfare in America

Special topic courses relevant to African-American studies may be included in the minor. Please consult Self-Service using the course type "African-American Studies" to find additional courses approved for the minor. Contact the director for more information.