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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Minors in philosophy and religious studies serve the mission of Saint Xavier University by offering classes directly related to the core values of our institution and its students. Coursework and faculty research in both areas advocate critical thinking, thoughtful engagement with historical and current questions about the common good, practical skills in writing, reading and information literacy, as well as dedication to the spirit of life-long learning.

Minor in Philosophy

Courses are divided into three categories:

  • 100-level: The Examined Life (PHIL 140, PHIL 150, or HONOR 151) offers an introduction to philosophical reflection and is a prerequisite for all other philosophy courses
  • 200-level: These courses focus on an area or field of philosophical concern (e.g., ethics, epistemology, philosophy of religion).
  • 300-level: These courses offer more advanced work in philosophy and include the following courses: (a) courses in the history of philosophy (PHIL 304-308); (b) intensive readings of topics and philosophers from specific periods in the history of philosophy (PHIL 374-378); and (c) a senior research project, culminating in a research paper and an oral presentation and defense of it (PHIL 390).


The Examined Life (3 credit hours)

PHIL 140 or PHIL 150 or HONOR 151:The Examined Life

History of Philosophy (3 credit hours)

Choose one of the following courses:

  • PHIL 304: Studies in Ancient Philosophy (3)
  • PHIL 306: Early Modern Philosophy (3)
  • PHIL 307: Late Modern Philosophy (3)

Additional Electives in Philosophy (12 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours for the Minor in Philosophy (18)

Minor in Religious Studies

The minor in religious studies consists of 18 credit hours, 6 of which may be fulfilled by the general education requirement in religious studies. Minors may fulfill the requirements by successfully completing any 4 or more additional courses from those offered by the program, including one seminar.