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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business

School of Nursing

The College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business houses the School of Nursing and encompasses undergraduate nursing including the traditional undergraduate bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), accelerated BSN as well as LPN to BSN. It is embodied by the Mercy Mission in preparing individuals to engage in high quality, compassionate and professional practice within the health sciences.

Undergraduate Nursing

A baccalaureate education in nursing (BSN) prepares an individual for personal and professional growth. With a solid foundation in the sciences and liberal arts, baccalaureate-nursing graduates are prepared to participate in multifaceted healthcare environments. The program provides a foundation for thinking conceptually and contextually, in critical and creative ways. The baccalaureate curriculum is designed to prepare the graduate to practice as a nurse generalist independently or collaboratively with other health professionals in the areas of health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, and illness management. Qualified students can be admitted to either as a Pre-Licensure, LPN to BSN Option, Accelerated BSN and transfer track.


The Biology program at SXU has three main objectives:

  • To teach the significant facts upon which the major concepts and theories of the life sciences rest;
  • To develop in students an appreciation for and an understanding of the methodology of science;
  • To generate in students the habit of dealing scientifically with concepts that fall within the scope of science.

Biology majors may choose between the general Biology or Pre-Health Professions track. In addition, the SXU offers a minor in Biology and provides coursework leading to a Secondary Education Licensure in Biology. Biology majors are prepared for advanced studies in graduate or professional schools, or to use their biology training in the workplace after graduation.

Students wishing to major in Biology should have completed high school biology, chemistry and advanced mathematics courses. College-level science courses taken at another institution will be evaluated on an individual basis in consultation with the student. Transfer students must complete a minimum of one-third of the requirements for the biology major at Saint Xavier.

Pre-Health Professions

Saint Xavier University has a long history of successfully preparing students for all allied health profession programs. Saint Xavier's Pre-Health Professions program provides students with the strong background necessary to become a physician, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician's assistant, chiropractor, pharmacist or veterinarian. Saint Xavier alumni have been accepted to a large number of health profession programs including the Midwestern University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Marquette School of Dentistry, The University of Illinois, Chicago Pharmacy Program, Saint Louis University School of Pharmacy, The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and Purdue University Veterinary School and National Lewis College of Chiropractic. As competition to enter health professions programs continues to increase, Saint Xavier University students have a distinct advantage.


The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry instills superior analytic and problem-solving skills, develops strong process skills for laboratory work and provides "molecular spectacles" to view the world. Combining mathematics, biology, physics, medicine, and other sciences, chemistry is an excellent foundation for understanding the world. Students can take advantage of opportunities to participate in research with faculty and present at national, regional and local conferences. Through the Chemistry program, you will be well prepared for professional positions and advanced study in graduate school and professional schools. A minor in chemistry is also offered.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

The program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) contributes to the liberal education of the student by providing learning experiences about the nature, development, and effective use of human communication. The purpose of this program is to provide students with a basic foundation in communication sciences and an introduction to the field of human communication disorders. In addition, this program prepares students for graduate education in a variety of fields, including speech-language pathology and audiology.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program prepares students for various allied health fields including strength and conditioning, personal training, fitness and wellness, and exercise specialist. The program also prepares students to continue their education at physical therapy schools, occupational therapy, athletic training, and chiropractic schools. The program is interdisciplinary in nature with courses in psychology, sociology, math, and physical education. The program concludes with a field experience course that is rooted in the application of theory the student has learned within their courses and a senior seminar course that caps off their work as a student with a scholarly project. The exercise science program is recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association for its curriculum.

Graham School of Management

The College houses the Graham School of Management (GSM), which is responsible for all business and computer science majors and minors. GSM offers a BBA program with concentrations designed to align with Chicago's service economy: accounting, finance, management, hospitality management, and digital marketing; programs in demand in the Chicagoland area and beyond. As a Mercy institution of higher education, we believe that human skills, often referred to as soft or critical skills in business, are essential to creating successful business leaders. We recognize that business leaders need to communicate effectively, problem-solve, collaborate, and value inclusion and diversity. We believe learning the human side of business is just as crucial as developing traditional business acumen.

Our BBA offers undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain core knowledge and skills in general business administration, as well as specialized in-demand skills in their chosen area(s) of concentration. GSM is dedicated to preparing students to be career-ready. We work with leading employers, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Northwestern Mutual, Baker Tilly, Lettuce Entertain You among others to ensure our programming is relevant and helps students find meaningful employment opportunities.

Computer Science

The major in Computer Science is a classic generalist program enhanced by support courses in mathematics that works toward a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The emphasis of study in this program is on problem-solving and computer science theory. Graduates of this program will be prepared for entry into graduate schools and for entry into a variety of positions in business and industry with a sound foundation for future advancement based on technical competence, liberal education and effective communication skills.


The College offers a major and minor in Gerontology Studies. Gerontology is the study of aging and examines the diversity and complexity of the older adult using a venue of varied disciplines and perspectives, including biology, psychology, sociology, spirituality, communication and nursing. Students will acquire knowledge and an appreciation of the impact of culture, ethnicity, financial capacity, gender, spirituality, health and level of wellness on the quality of life of older adults. This enhanced perspective permits for a broader viewpoint of the conditions that affect the older adult.

Natural Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science is designed for students seeking a broad exposure to biological, chemical and physical sciences. Course selection to meet specific educational goals is made in consultation with your academic advisor. The requirements for Natural Science majors allow optimal flexibility in the selection of science courses. Students will be able to combine appropriate upper level courses in chemistry and biology to include those prescribed by professional schools for admission.

Physical Education

The Physical Education minor at Saint Xavier University is designed for students interested in adding knowledge and concepts of physical education to their major course of study. Physical Education is the phase of education concerned with the teaching of skills, collaboration and communication with others, understanding cognitive and physical development, examining attitudes and theories in physical activity, and exploring the mechanics of human movement. The primary goal of the physical education program at Saint Xavier University is to enhance the quality of life of our students for lifelong wellness.

Students will gain:

  • A broad theoretical and conceptual foundation of physical education designed to encourage the philosophical, psycho-social, scientific, ethical and legal concepts of the profession.
  • The opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of physical education, health and coaching courses that meet their individual needs.
  • Preparation for careers such as educators, recreational leaders, and coaches with continued study leading to various careers in education administration, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy and public health.
  • Exploration in physical, mental and spiritual health to provide knowledge for instruction in lifelong wellness.

Sports and Fitness Administration

The Sports and Fitness Administration program prepares individuals to apply business, financial, and exercise science principles to the organization, administration, and management of athletic programs, athletic teams, fitness/rehabilitation facilities, health clubs, sports recreation services, and other related services. It includes instruction in program planning and development; business and financial management principles; sales, marketing and recruitment; event promotion, scheduling and management; facilities management; as well as psychological and social issues surrounding professions related to the program. The curriculum concludes with a career-oriented internship and capstone in Sport and Fitness Administration and is a critical component of the program.

The College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business reserves the right to amend policies, procedures and other program information as necessary. All changes will be communicated promptly.