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Prerequisite/Corequisite Key

P = Course must be taken previously C = Course must be taken concurrently E = Course can be taken previously or concurrently
(RQ) = Required (RM) = Recommended  

FINC 200

Personal Financing

3 credit hours

The level of personal financial literacy by college students is alarmingly low. Recent surveys and statistics provide a startling reality of how a lack of personal financial education is affecting college students. Focus will be on teaching students how to handle their finances and alerting them to the many traps and pitfalls that lead to major financial issues. Students will learn how to not become a statistic by gaining the tools necessary to budget finances and live within their means. Offered summer.

FINC 300

Principles of Finance

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) ACCT-210 BANA-250 MATH-131 MATH-135

This course is an introduction to corporate finance and the techniques used by financial managers. Topics include: an overview of the financial environment, analysis of financial statements, consideration of risk and return on investment, the time value of money, valuation models of stocks and bonds, the cost of capital and capital budgeting, the capital structure and dividend policy of firms, and an overview of capital markets and the investment banking process.

FINC 310

Money and Banking

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) FINC-300 ECON-200

Money and Banking is designed to help students understand the operations of financial institutions and financial markets and the crucial role they play in modern economies. This course focuses on four broad areas that include: the importance of studying money and banking and an overview of the financial system, understanding the interest rate and its importance in market economies, the importance of money and monetary policy and the role of the Federal Reserve System and issues related to financial institutions.

FINC 320

Investment and Portfolio Analysis

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) FINC-300

Investment and Portfolio Analysis focuses on the theories and techniques basic to control of investment risks and optimization of investment returns. Students study the investment setting and asset allocation, the organization and functioning of securities markets, efficiency of capital markets, asset pricing models, security valuation, investment companies and the futures and options markets.

FINC 330

International Finance

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) FINC-300 MGMT-340 ECON-200 ECON-201

International Finance is an intensive study of the issues related to the international financial environment and the tools used by management of multinational corporations to make decisions involving foreign investments and financing. Core areas studied include foreign exchange markets, parity conditions and currency forecasting and management.

FINC 340

Advanced Corporate Finance

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) FINC-320

In Advanced Corporate Finance, students study cases involving companies and managers facing a wide variety of financial and managerial issues and problems. Topics include: planning for current and long-run financial needs, merger analysis, and dividend policies, choosing the optimal capital structure, raising funds in both domestic and foreign capital markets and risk management in an international setting.

FINC 350

Futures and Options

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) FINC-320

This course will conduct intensive study of theories and practices of options, futures and swaps as used in business world. The use of these derivatives instruments to manage the risk in real market environments as well as enhance return will be discussed through problem solving and short cases.