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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Latino Studies Courses

Prerequisite/Corequisite Key

P = Course must be taken previously C = Course must be taken concurrently E = Course can be taken previously or concurrently
(RQ) = Required (RM) = Recommended  

LS 101

Introduction to Latino Studies

3 credit hours

This course will focus on the core concepts of Latino/Latin American studies: the historical development of Latino regions of the United States as well as the cultural experience and artistic voices of Latino communities in the United States. This course is taught in English. Offered fall.

LS 250

Latino Literature

3 credit hours

This course studies the major trends, genres, works, themes and writers associated with the Latina/o/Hispanic cultural heritage of the U.S.A., from pre-national days to the 21st century. This course is taught in English. Offered as needed.

LS 260

Special Topics: Latino/a Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Orientation

3 credit hours

This course focuses on theories and debates surrounding the gendered and sexualized dimensions of Latinas/os in the U.S., including how they understand and negotiate their experiences and sense of self related to gender, sexuality, and sexual orientation. It explores femininity; marianismo; masculinity; machismo; family; desire; sexual behavior, work, and violence; and pop culture representations. Offered as needed.

LS 390

Independent Research in Latino Studies

1 to 3 credit hours

This course offers students an opportunity to engage in and receive credit for the following activities: Travel abroad, directed research or a Senior Seminar from any major where the instructor and L/LAS director agree upon an appropriate and related project. Students should work with the Latino studies program director and consult with current course and program offerings to determine which option best suits their needs and interests. Offered as needed.