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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls


Prerequisite/Corequisite Key

P = Course must be taken previously C = Course must be taken concurrently E = Course can be taken previously or concurrently
(RQ) = Required (RM) = Recommended  

MGMT 223

Legal Environment

3 credit hours

The Legal Environment of Business is the study of the history and development of the judicial system and the creation of the various administrative agencies that affect the legal environment of business. Principles of labor-management, consumer and antitrust and environmental law are discussed and analyzed through the use of cases and problems. Special emphasis is placed upon the impact of administrative law in the world of business.

MGMT 310

Introduction to Hospitality Management

3 credit hours

Introduction to Hospitality Management is designed to provide an overview of the hospitality industry including all of its related fields, restaurant, lodging, meetings and conventions. Student's are provided with a broad exposure to one of the largest and fastest-growing industries. Student's will leave the course with an understanding of the career opportunities available in the industry, a realization of the challenges faced by professionals in the industry, have a knowledge of the current operating procedures and understand the functions of management in the hospitality and tourism industry.

MGMT 311

Customer Service for Hospitality and Tourism

3 credit hours

This course will cover important topics such as the financial and behavioral consequences of customer service, consumer trends influencing service, developing and maintaining a service culture, managing service encounters, the importance of market research, building and maintaining customer relationships, the impact of technology on customer service, the importance of service recovery, and promoting customer service both internally and externally. Taught from an ethical perspective.

MGMT 312

Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions Planning

3 credit hours

This course has been designed to provide an introduction to the meetings, expositions, events and conventions industry. The course will allow students to move beyond just one segment of this industry (special events and conventions) and include all other aspects related to the MEEC industry. The course has been developed as a collaborative work and features contributions from some of the best and most notable practitioners and educators in the field. The course will feature new case studies, the latest statistics on the MEEC industry, update students on green meetings and social responsibilities. This course will be taught from an ethical perspective.

MGMT 313

Hotel and Lodging Management

3 credit hours

Hotel and Lodging Management students will be introduced to all of the components that make-up this industry. It is imperative that students acquire in-depth knowledge of this industry and learn skills that will allow them to focus on a number of departments including the front office, back office, housekeeping, safety, and security. Students will also learn about the classifications of hotels, the direct and indirect economic impact to the communities in which the hotels are located. Students will learn the duties of a general manager of a full service hotel as well as what entry level sales staff members are required to learn.

MGMT 330

Diversity in Organizations

3 credit hours

Course Types: GDVST

This course addresses various aspects of diversity. The focus of the course is to help the students develop an ability to understand, respect, and value diversity. Through readings, discussions and assignments students will explore application and implication to management activities. Issues related to discrimination, affirmative action, career development, socialization and social change policies are explored. Historical, psychological, sociological, legal and managerial viewpoints are highlighted.

MGMT 364


3 credit hours

This class addresses the unique entrepreneurial experience of conceiving, evaluating, creating, managing, and potentially selling a business. The goal is to provide a comprehensive background with practical application of important concepts applicable to entrepreneurial environment. In addition to creative aspects, key business areas of finance, accounting, marketing and management will be addressed from an entrepreneurial perspective. The course relies on classroom discussion, participation, guest speakers, case analysis, the creation of a feasibility plan, and building a business plan to develop a strategy for launching and managing a business. Students will need to draw upon their business education and experience, and apply to it to the task of launching a new venture. Students are expected to interact with the business community, advisors, be able to work effectively in teams, and be active participants in classroom discussions and exercises.

MGMT 365

Professional Sales Management

3 credit hours

Students will be exposed to the responsibilities of a sale manager and the strategic role of sales within the organization. The course is designed to teach students how to formulate, implement, and evaluate a sales program. The focus of the course is on the management of a sales program and salespeople. This course focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with customers and managing the sales process of finding, converting, and keeping customers while achieving the organization's goals. Communication techniques, career planning, selling strategies and tactics, as well as sales duties, responsibilities, and problems are included.

MGMT 370

Organizational Behavior

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) BUSP-101 unless Transfer Student

The class material will include theory, research, and practical application of Organizational Behavior (OB) in organizations. OB is the study of how individuals, groups and workplace contexts impact behavior within an organization. The goal of OB is to understand, predict, and influence employee attitudes and behavior in order to improve organizational effectiveness. Topics include: personality differences, work motivation, leadership, influence processes and group dynamics.

MGMT 380

Business, Ethics, and Society

3 credit hours

In this course, students will develop an understanding of the interrelationship and interaction of society, business and government at the national and international level. Students will learn to develop the ability to recognize the importance of ethics in business and society, what ramifications can occur, and what solutions can be developed to resolve conflicts that arise. The class will focus on allowing students to develop an understanding of ethical concepts, philosophical principles, terms and processes relating to business. This course will help students develop the analytical, written and oral communication skills needed in business.

MGMT 381

Management Internship

3 to 6 credit hours

Under the tutelage of a cooperating organization, the student studies the management of an administrative or staff function and submits projects. Internship may not include any of the duties of a currently held position. Student's receiving credit must have the pre-approval of the program director and will work directly with the program director. Approval will be based on the level of technical work actually being done during the internship. Additional readings and research will supplement their work experience. Grade is based on job performance and academic projects related to the position.

MGMT 390

Business Strategy

3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) ACCT-211, BANA-320, MKTG-300, FINC-300, MGMT-340 MGMT-370

This course is concerned with skill development in identifying and analyzing opportunities and solving problems in business situations. Students will be required to apply knowledge, techniques and skills learned in core business courses. Topics include evaluating environmental changes important to a particular business, business analysis, identifying and applying generic business strategies such as Porter's five forces. Capstone Core Business Class.

MGMT 392

International Business Seminar Study Abroad in China

3 credit hours

This course will be completed in China. It provides a study abroad trip to China, as well as the preparation lectures on the Chicago campus. We design the trip to expose our students to the rich culture and fast economic development of China, and motivate and inspire them to be a global leader in the international business environment. The trip lasts for 12 days and covers three major cities of China:Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We will visit the famous historical sites, local universities, financial companies, and engage in activities such as acrobat show, Peking duck dinner, and high-speed train, etc. Important: while the trip takes place in Summer, the course is offered for the Spring semester with five online or face to face interactions with the faculty advisors. The student will receive a grade of "Incomplete" for the Spring semester. Upon the trip completion in the summer, the student will receive the final grade of "Pass" for the course.

MGMT 395

International Business Seminar

3 credit hours

Students participate in an international business travel program.