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Physical Education

Prerequisite/Corequisite Key

P = Course must be taken previously C = Course must be taken concurrently E = Course can be taken previously or concurrently
(RQ) = Required (RM) = Recommended  

PE 112

Health and Fitness

2 credit hours

This course deals with the principles and objectives of health, fitness and wellness. Emphasis will be on wellness and healthy lifestyles.

PE 116

Contemporary Topics in Health and Physical Education

3 credit hours

This course is designed to assist the student who is preparing to teach. Students have the opportunity to research specific topics related to health and wellness. Attention is given to relating course content to student's major area of study when possible.

PE 117

Principles and Problems of Coaching

3 credit hours

This course involves the study of the organization, management, staff relationships and the creation of desirable behavior in athletics. Coaching ethics are strongly stressed. This course examines all levels of athletic competition: elementary school, high school and college. The course is divided into two parts, the organizational principles and the problems.

PE 118

Theory and Technique of Coaching

3 credit hours

This course involves the study of theory of various sports and techniques used by the athlete participating in sports. A practical study of the strategy-making decisions a coach should be equipped to make in the major sports: football, basketball, baseball and volleyball.

PE 120

First Aid and Athletic Injuries

3 credit hours

The course deals primarily with techniques used in emergency first aid as related to the athletic program. Areas such as bandaging, strapping and treatment for all athletic injuries are covered by practical applications.

PE 124

Health and Nutrition Across the Lifespan

3 credit hours

This course examines nutrition theory and the relationship between nutrition, health, wellness and illness prevention. It examines the science of nutrition including digestion and absorption of macro-and micro-nutrients. Students will learn various methods of establishing good nutrition habits to improve overall wellness throughout the life span.

PE 130

Introduction to Exercise Science

3 credit hours

Students will be introduced to a broad array of topics related to the field of exercise science through an introductory review of body systems and physiological concepts. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the processes of response and adaptation which enhance both health and fitness through regular exercise. Career options, history and philosophy, professional organizations, research methods, and professional issues will be examined.

PE 319


3 credit hours

This course focuses on structural kinesiology and the study of both skeletal and muscular structures as they are involved in the science of movement. Students will learn about the effects of physical activity on health and performance, the evolution of physical activity and sport, and the physiological and social factors that influence an individual's participation in physical activity and sport. Students will review the anatomy of the skeletal and muscle systems, understand the terminology used to describe joint movements and body part locations, gain knowledge in the planes of motion in relation to human movement, and describe and understand the various types of joints in the human body and their characteristics.

PE 380

Exercise Science Internship

2 credit hours

The Internship Program for Exercise Science at Saint Xavier University provides the opportunity for students to develop and apply exercise science knowledge, skills, and abilities in a supervised University approved setting. The course is intended for student to observe and gain practical experience in a professional environment.

PE 381

Sports and Fitness Administration Internship

2 credit hours

Students will work in professional settings appropriate to student career interests or in a faculty-supervised project of sufficient depth and responsibility. Placement is approved by the program's internship supervisor.

PE 390

Exercise Science Senior Seminar

1 credit hour

Students are provided an overview of contemporary issues, trends, theories, and research related to exercise science. This course is a capstone course designed to integrate the student's prior academic experience in exercise science. Students will bridge the foundational curricular experience with professional preparedness and/or professional certification. The course is delivered in a seminar format to encourage student participation and interaction with peers and faculty.

PE 391

Sports and Fitness Administration Senior Seminar

1 credit hour

Senior capstone project that is designed to integr