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Class Gift

Each year, Saint Xavier University's senior class renews a tradition which encourages each and every senior to join together and raise funds before graduation. This tradition is a way of showing thanks to the University, demonstrating a sense of community and connection, and leaving a lasting impact that reflects the spirit of the class of 2019. The Senior Class Gift is your chance to celebrate your graduation and begin your transition into alumni status.Class Gift Stole

Your time at Saint Xavier has been influential, thanks to the many opportunities afforded you by the Cougars who have come before you. Now YOU have the opportunity to pay it forward so future Cougars can benefit as you did.

Please add your name to the list of seniors by making a gift of $15 in honor of your upcoming graduation. All supporters who give this amount will receive a special donor recognition stole to be worn at Commencement (which is pictured on the right).

Your gift can be designated to your favorite athletic team, department, service trip program or any other area about which you are passionate. Make sure you enter your gift designation in the comments section of the Make Your Class Gift page.

Thank you for choosing Saint Xavier University. Please support your Senior Class Gift, and help future Cougars experience all the wonderful gifts SXU has to offer. By giving back you are helping to shape future Cougars and their experiences. Thank you for your generous support of SXU!

 Class Gift

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give? Doesn't my tuition cover it all?

Not completely! There are many students who have this misconception. The truth is, only a small portion of the annual budget comes from tuition. The remaining revenue must be generated through the loyal support of alumni, friends, parents and students!

If I can't give a lot of money, will my gift even matter?

While we encourage seniors to make gifts of $15, what really matters is their participation. Imagine if every senior makes a donation of $15, your senior class will have raised over $20,000 for SXU colleges, departments, athletic teams, service trips and so much more. Through a sustained commitment of support we can make a difference in the lives of future Cougars. Remember, when you give you inspire others, who then in turn want to set an example as well.

So where will my gift to SXU go?

You get to decide! As a donor, you can designate your gift to your passions. With multiple designations around campus, it's easy to give to your favorite athletic team, scholarship or any other area around campus.

When is Grad Fest this year?

Grad Fest will be at Gilhooley's on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. There you will receive your gown, cap with tassel and commencement ceremony tickets. If you make a Senior Class Gift of $15 you will also receive your special donor recognition stole which you will be able to wear during graduation.

Will our gift be matched?

Absolutely! Current SXU Board Member Trish Morris '83 and her husband Jim generously match each dollar raised (up to $6,000) for the class gift each year! Thank you Jim and Trish!