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Saint Xavier University Campus

Chicago First Responder Scholarship

Application Deadline:
Must apply prior to first course
Length of MBA
Amount Range:
Up to 25% of tuition
David Parker

Scholarship Details

Saint Xavier University has developed the Chicago First Responder Scholarship as a gesture of gratitude for the educational partnership between Saint Xavier University and the Chicago Police Department that began in January 1998. Our continued educational partnership with the Chicago Police Department has provided Saint Xavier University a unique and significant service opportunity and responsibility. Our academic program assists and guides Chicago First Responders to better serve their community and their profession. This partnership exemplifies Saint Xavier University's commitment to supporting Chicago First Responders who make such a difference in our community. We are grateful for your service.

Initial Eligibility

Saint Xavier University's Chicago First Responder Scholarship is valued at a maximum of 25% of the current graduate tuition and will be awarded to students who:

  • are currently serving as a Chicago law enforcement and/or other first responder professional.
  • are admitted to a graduate degree program at Saint Xavier University after January 1, 2017.
  • complete and submit the First Responder Scholarship application prior to the initial course term.
  • participate in their Department's tuition reimbursement program.
  • comply with Saint Xavier University's tuition payment plan.**

Continued Eligibility

Saint Xavier University's Chicago First Responder Scholarship will be available by an initial application to the program. The First Responder Scholarship will be automatically renewable each term as long as the student remains enrolled in graduate courses at Saint Xavier University, and earns a grade of B or higher in each graduate course.


If a student does not earn a grade of B or higher in a course, the student will lose the scholarship for that specific course and then must reapply for the First Responder's Scholarship for future courses.

Students must pay their tuition bill within 30 days of receiving their tuition reimbursement check. Failure to comply with this agreement will result in ineligibility for the First Responders Scholarship and the ability to enroll in future courses until payment is made.


Please fill out the online application form.