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Core Curriculum

Prerequisite/Corequisite Key

P = Course must be taken previously C = Course must be taken concurrently E = Course can be taken previously or concurrently
(RQ) = Required (RM) = Recommended  


Foundations of Education

3 credit hours

This course examines the social, historical, and philosophical foundations of American education. It explores the relationship between school and society, the development of the U.S. educational system from its inception to the present, and the philosophical questions that guide educational thought and practice. Students apply these philosophical questions to a variety of contemporary situations, including theories of learning and educational policies.


Assessment of Instruction and Learning

3 credit hours

This course is designed to address the assessment and evaluation of student progress toward meeting targeted standards, learning objectives and competencies. The development of interpretive skills across learning objectives will be stressed. Topics addressed include: standards-based assessment, standardized tests and interpreting their results, performance assessment, portfolio assessment, self-evaluation, and dissemination of assessment results. Required for licensure.


Educational Research Design and Development

3 credit hours

This course initiates the graduate study research requirement. Course content differentiates the foundational assumptions, elements, methods and designs of educational research through both qualitative and quantitative paradigms. A statement of original research inquiry, a literature review, and a plan for investigating a research problem are developed. Cross Ref: All sections of 513.


Scholarship in Teaching: Finalizing the Inquiry Process

1 to 3 credit hours

Pre-requisite: P (RQ) EDGCC-513

This course is designed to guide and assist graduate students in the completion of the graduate research study. Students receive guidance in the collection and interpretation of data. Dissemination of research findings to peers, the educational community, and other relevant audiences is required.