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Social Sciences Division

Angela Pirlott Headshot

Angela Pirlott, Ph.D.
Interim Director of Social Sciences

Message From the Interim Director

Welcome to the Social Sciences Division!

The programs housed within the Social Sciences Division focus on understanding humans, societies, and cultures, both present and past, but by using different tools of measurements and perspectives.

History uses artifacts to understand human behavior in the past. Psychology is the study of human behavior. Anthropology studies what makes humans human. Sociology is the study of human societies. Political science studies human government and politics and the behaviors within those systems. Criminal justice studies humans’ criminal justice systems and behaviors within the criminal justice system.

The programs offer a diverse variety of topics certain to pique interests, including different ethnic and cultural groups, different age groups, different ways to understand prejudice and discrimination, social justice, and more. The courses offer opportunities for active hands-on learning, such as through debates, discussions, demonstrations, data analysis, and more. The programs also offer many high-impact practices, such as internships, student-faculty research and conferences, and more. Each program also devotes courses to necessary skills for entering the job market, such as effective written, oral, and visual communication skills; data analytic and/or quantitative skills; and critical thinking and critical inquiry skills.

Our programs not only provide students a broad, liberal arts education applicable to students’ careers regardless of their field of choice but also paths to real-world careers, such as in business, human and social services, law, mental health, research, and more.