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Rebound Program

What is the Rebound Program?

The Rebound program is a university-wide program for first-year students who fail to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average within their first semester.

Participation can help students:

  • Return to good academic standing.
  • Continue receiving financial aid.
  • Learn about student support services.
  • Graduate from SXU on time.

Students in the program participate in a zero credit one-hour course for ten weeks and attend a study session once a week.

The course includes a series of group workshops and individual mentor/academic support coaching sessions to provide tips and strategies for students to navigate collegiate coursework effectively. The student will learn about available resources like tutoring, counseling, academic advising and academic coaching.

For more information and program details, please contact Nancy Ortiz-Romero, director of Student Support, at 773-298-3151 or ortizromeroFREESXU.

Goals of the Rebound Program

  1. Identification and acknowledgment of barriers to success.
  2. Improved organization, time management and priority setting.
  3. A better understanding of personal and academic strengths and challenges.
  4. Strategies for being prepared for classes and exams.
  5. Stronger connections with available support services within SXU.
  6. Exploration of career aptitude.
  7. Improved grades.