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Writing Studio


The Writing Studio aims to improve the quality of writing across all disciplines at SXU by offering individualized, student-centered appointments focused on developing each writer's abilities to compose cohesive messages. Simply put, we talk to students about their writing decisions and writing processes. Our goal is to get students thinking critically about writing and to empower them to make thoughtful, creative and careful writing choices in the future.

  • Any Paper
    Short stories, research projects, speeches, graduate school application essays, poetry, outlines, argumentative essays -- you name it, we can help you with it.
  • Any Class
    We assist any currently enrolled SXU student who is working on writing, reading comprehension or speaking skills. This includes graduate and undergraduate students from all majors and disciplines.
  • Any Stage in the Writing Process
    If you are just getting started and have nothing written down or if you need help understanding the prompt that you were given, we can help you brainstorm for ideas and put pen to paper. If you need to find additional research or build upon what you currently have written, we can work with you to figure out what areas may need development and further explaining. Or, if you simply need a second set of eyes to give your paper a once over before you turn it in for a grade, we can help you build your self-editing toolbox and show you the ropes of formatting in APA, MLA or Chicago.

Make an Appointment

SXU students can utilize the Writing Studio for up to one hour per week. Walk-in times may be available, but we recommend making appointments to ensure that you have a time slot. Students can create, cancel, and modify appointments at Navigate. If you have not visited the Center for Learning and Student Support in the past, you will need to register for an account in order to see the available times. Students are also welcome to stop by the Center for Learning and Student Support in L-110 for assistance with setting up appointments.

Our Consultants

There are two groups of consultants working in the Writing Studio each semester. Our primary group of consultants are SXU students. These are consultants who have excelled in various writing courses at SXU. They are often recommended by SXU professors and all consultants undergo around 10-12 hours of training each semester they work in the Writing Studio. During training, writing consultants are taught best practices in tutoring and teaching writing. They are taught how to best assist English language learners, adult learners and writers from a variety of disciplines and skill levels.

As of fall 2017, the Writing Studio has writing specialists working in the Writing Studio. The writing specialists are meant to help students with discipline-specific writing assignments and projects. Writing specialists have master's degrees and have exceptionally strong backgrounds in writing. Students are welcome to request to work with a writing specialist for any of their writing needs.


Writing Studio staff welcome inquiries and requests for workshops on any writing-related topic. Some example workshops may include: Writing in the Sciences, APA or Chicago Formatting, Writing Timed In-Class Essays, Intro to College-level Writing, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Overcoming Writing Anxiety. To request a writing workshop, please contact learningcenterFREESXU or 773-298-5148.