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Honors Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the Honors Program Benefits page for details.


Honors courses are not necessarily harder than other University courses; however, they are designed to challenge students in ways that will make them independent learners and prepare them for their future careers and educational goals. In general, the courses are more student-centered and interdisciplinary in their focus. Students are expected to shape the classroom experience more actively and to pursue topics that interest them in greater depth.

No, honors courses are not offered at special times. They are scheduled as any other University course would be scheduled. This allows you to add other courses into your honors schedule.

Yes! Students can pursue any major at this University and also be in the Honors Program. Faculty and staff advisors will help you integrate the requirements of your major with those of the Honors Program.

Unfortunately, outside of the Honors Student Development Grants for juniors and seniors, there are no additional scholarships offered at Saint Xavier University that are reserved solely for students in the Honors Program.

All AP credit will count, whether for honors core requirements or other University core requirements.

Honors students live together during their freshman year only. Having an honors floor in the freshman residence hall provides honors students with the opportunity to forge a community with their peers both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Honors Program is designed to enrich the undergraduate experience, but not necessarily to expedite it. However, it may be possible for students to graduate early if they have completed all University, major and honors requirements.

No. Book costs and all other University costs relative to your major are the same for Honors students. And, in fact, the Student Development Grants offered to juniors and seniors in the Honors Track can help absorb some of the additional expenses incurred through travel study or conference attendance.

Admission to the Honors Program is based on your credentials and is by invitation. Please see the Honors Program home page for details. If you have received an invitation, you may call 773-298-3240, email honorsFREESXU or return the prepaid green postcard included in your invitation packet to accept and hold your place on our fall roster. You may accept our invitation into the Honors Program even if you have not yet decided whether to attend Saint Xavier University. It is best to secure a place as soon as possible and changes can be made later if necessary.

For students who do not meet the qualifications for honors out of high school, speak with the director after your first semester at Saint Xavier. If spaces are available, we are happy to admit highly motivated students who have demonstrated their academic proficiency.

If you have been invited into the program, we recommend you begin in honors your first semester. There are no penalties or difficulties in leaving the program if you discover it is not right for you. If you choose to continue, however, you will have already completed some of the requirements.