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BBA in Hospitality Management


A degree in Hospitality Management positions you for immediate placement and lifelong career in one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

Hospitality is a multibillion-dollar industry and skilled hospitality managers are in high demand. The opportunities are endless -- Hospitality Managers work in a vast number of professions spanning hotels, restaurants, parks and recreation, travel and tourism, food service, health care nutrition, institutional services, retail, cruise ships, resorts, spas, wedding planning and catered events. A degree in Hospitality Management prepares students to become leaders in a high-demand career!

Program Highlights

Hospitality Management students master a blend of professionalism, business, analytical skills, best practices in hospitality management and diversity awareness to be prepared for today's challenging marketplace. Hospitality Management students learn to:

  • Provide high quality customer service to consumers
  • Plan, organize and facilitate professional meetings and events
  • Manage staff and operations in hospitality industries
  • Lead diverse groups of managers and staff in an inclusive environment
  • Incorporate people-centered business strategies to achieve a successful and profitable business
  • Manage hospitality databases and budgets

Program requirements

For more information about the BBA curriculum, please review the business core requirements, as well as the concentration requirements and course descriptions, in the SXU Academic Catalog.

Three-Year Option

Complete the Bachelor of Business Administration in three years! Learn more about the three-year option.

Recommended Minors

Combine a BBA with a minor in Spanish. Obtain skills that leads to careers in the following areas: International law, banking; U.S. representation for foreign company; patent law; representation for U.S. firm abroad; foreign branch of U.S. firm; advertising, sales, fashion sales; marketing; executive or manager; technical expert; personnel management; public relations; secretarial and clerical opportunities; import‐export firms; brokerage firms; banks; medical organizations; service, cultural organizations.

Communication minors are often highly attuned to current events and the world of media. They have strong public speaking and presentation skills and they know how to write well and craft convincing arguments. This minor provides skills to business students who want to enter fields such as public relations, advertising or event planning. 

A recent panel at the American Academy of Religion identified religious studies as being of particular advantage to working in an increasingly globalized world. Management majors obtain an appreciation for diversity, equity and inclusion via a religious studies minor, which allows them to connect on a personal and empathetic level with employees and a broad range of ethnic communities in ways that would not have been available to them without a religious studies degree.

All business executives will have to write, whether it is a formal report, a memo, or even an email correspondence. The writing minor provides necessary communication skills that business professionals will use on a daily basis. 

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