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BBA in Human Resource Management

Begin your management career in the job-abundant human resources management industry

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in human resource management is designed for students who want to pursue a business undergraduate degree with a specialization in managing human resources. The program is designed to provide students with the skills they need to succeed within the modern human resources field, and the curriculum is designed to increase and expand the knowledge needed to be an effective manager.

Why Earn Your BBA in Human Resource Management?

Employment of HR managers (median annual pay of $130,000) is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030 - faster than the average for all occupations. This is not by accident - as advancements are made in best practices and new technologies within human resources departments, companies are willing to pay up to find the most talented individuals available, as they recognize the value of having highly talented people in those positions. HR managers have a tremendously valuable impact, not just on the companies they work for but on individual co-workers within the organization. They play an integral role in the modern economy.

As the role of an HR professional within the workforce changes, students will need to adapt their skill sets in order to land these lucrative and prestigious positions. The increasingly focused skill set desired by major employers is no longer served by general business degrees. In today’s economy, it is essential that aspiring HR professionals receive training and experience in coordinating the administrative functions of an organization, hiring and training employees, handling inter-company disputes, working with HR software, and other skills that will be important to their job on day one.

Our Human Resource Management major is intended to provide students with the relevant skills to address these areas and to succeed as the highest performers in this burgeoning field. While they will also receive a traditional business education, graduates from this program will be able to point to specific skills they have learned and developed in HR that will allow them to stand out among all applicants.

Improve your Portfolio with Human Resource Management



About the Program

When conducting meetings with large-scale employers throughout the country, we learned a very simple truth: companies want well-rounded graduates that have received a diverse education but can also perform a specific skill at a high level. Employers are well aware that the best employees are those who can think critically, learn quickly, problem solve, strategize, and operate with degrees of freedom within the business. However, their hiring needs at the entry level are increasingly specialized - they need employees who can perform specific tasks reliably from day one.

Our Human Resource Management major is structured to fulfill both of these desired specifications. This program is designed to first and foremost provide students with a strong and well-rounded knowledge base of business and business concepts. Once this foundation is built, students will then move onto courses strictly focused on delivering tangible and sought-after skills in Human Resource Management. This learning path then culminates in a capstone course, where students gain hands-on experience in the type of work they will perform in a professional setting, allowing them to hone their skills and create a portfolio that can be shared with potential employers. By educating students in this manner, our goal is to create graduates who have the pedigree to get hired, the skillset to make an impact in their field on day one, and the knowledge base to continue learning, improving, and keeping up with the inevitable shifts of the labor market for years to come.

This curriculum was developed with the help of Tiffin University and is based largely on its current offering in Human Resource Management. After hearing that human resources was an area that employers were interested in hiring recent college graduates for, we worked with Tiffin to put together an illustrative major in Human Resources Management that would be compatible with most business degrees. This initial draft was then adjusted based on conversations with industry professionals, who provided help in determining which courses delivered the skills most desired in today’s labor market. Going forward, we will continue to look to HR professionals to help us tweak this curriculum based on current industry trends.

Subject Matter Expert

Faculty Members of Tiffin University - All of the Human Resource Management courses offered through the LCMC were developed within the business department at Tiffin University. Founded in 1888, Tiffin has an incredibly strong track record of delivering quality education to students. Furthermore, Tiffin has vast experience in providing distance education and has invested in classroom technology, 24-hour IT services, and other key areas intended to lead to positive learning outcomes for off-campus students.

Tiffin University’s School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The ACBSP is a leading specialized accreditation body for business education supporting, celebrating and rewarding teaching excellence. They accredit business education programs at the associate, baccalaureate, master's and doctorate degree levels worldwide. Institutions with this accreditation are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want.

Professional Advisors

During the creation of this curriculum, we consulted with HR professionals and hiring managers throughout the country to ensure that the learning outcomes of this major aligned with industry demand. Though the majority of these conversations were held with large scale Fortune 500 employers where human resources is the most impactful, we also held discussions with smaller businesses to ensure that the skills learned in this major are universally applicable. Lastly, we consulted a group of recent college graduates in human resources to ensure that this curriculum covered important, on-the-job skill sets that were lacking in their own educations.

Curriculum Committee Membership




Wes Rangel

Colorado State University

Academic representative

Bruce Gulley

Google; Tesla; Amazon

Industry representative

Meredith Williams

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

Academic representative


Human Resource Management is one of the most opportunity-rich fields in the world — especially for recent graduates.

This is a project-based program that not only teaches you the exact skills employers are looking for but also gives you real, hands-on experiences that will help you in your career. The best part? Doing it here at SXU lets you build a fantastic professional network at a small campus you’ll love.

Infographic describing the benefits of Human Resource Management

  • Students will be able to develop and evaluate training and development programs using best practices in professional instructional design, including the ability to meaningfully gauge the impact of training programs.
  • Students will be able to analyze and apply processes and procedures surrounding compensation management.
  • Students will be able to identify and apply relevant employment and labor laws to a given human resources initiative.
  • Students will be able to rigorously assess the scale of businesses risks associated with a given human resources initiative, including and exceeding those posed by compliance needs.

Why should prospective students choose SXU for their degree?

  • The online courses, developed by top management academics and human resource practitioners, deliver in-demand human resource management knowledge and skills.
  • Small class sizes allow for close interaction with your professors and student colleagues.
  • You will develop the habit of life-long learning, ready to manage in the growing human resources industry.
  • Saint Xavier University’s core values of service, integrity, and excellence, critically important in the healthcare industry, support your development as an asset to your employer and community.

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