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Biology Suggested Four-Year Academic Plan

120 credit hours are required for Bachelor of Science degree. The biology major provides a foundation for advanced students in graduate or professional schools or to use their biology training in the workplace. Coursework includes anatomy, physiology, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, and cell biology. Course information can be found in the academic catalog. Students should use Academic Planning on the mySXU portal to schedule courses and track degree progress.

Suggested four year academic plan for the major (courses required in the major are in bold)

Please consult with your academic advisor prior to course selection.

Semester 1 Credit Hours
TS 100: Transitions 1
FYS 175: First Year Seminar 3
COMM 101: Speech Fundamentals 3
BIOL 111: General Biology I 4
MATH 112: College Algebra 3
Semester 2 Credit Hours
PHIL 140: The Examined Life 3
ENGL 120: Rhetoric and Writing 3
BIOL 112: General Biology II 4
MATH 113: Trigonometry 3
Semester 3 Credit Hours
CHEM 111: General Chemistry I 5
BIOL Organism Course 4
GE History 3
GE Global Studies 3
Semester 4 Credit Hours
CHEM 112: General Chemistry II 5
BIOL Systems Course 4
GE Social Science 3
GE Diversity 3
Semester 5 Credit Hours
BIOL Elective 4
BIOL Elective 4
BIOL 351: Research I 1
GE History or Social Science 3
GE Fine Arts/Literature 3
Semester 6 Credit Hours
BIOL Populations/Community Course 4
CHEM 209: Organic Chemistry 4
BIOL 352: Research II 1
Elective 3
GE Arts/Humanities 3
Semester 7 Credit Hours
BIOL Cellular course 4
Biology Elective 4
BIOL 352: Research II 1
PHYS 201: General Physics 4
Elective 3
Semester 8 Credit Hours
Biology Genetics Course 4
BIOL Elective 4
BIOL Elective 4
BIOL 352: Research II 1
Elective 3


Biology Minor: Students must complete BIOL 111 and BIOL 112, plus four additional courses at the 200-level or above. At least three of the four courses must have a laboratory component. At least one half of the credit hours in the minor must be completed at Saint Xavier University. Consult the academic catalog for course options.