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Types of Engaged Learning

The Education Division is committed to preparing students for teaching in the early childhood, elementary and middle level education programs. Program faculty and staff work closely with school partners to provide diverse opportunities for field experiences, practicum experiences and student teaching.

Beginning in the sophomore year, early childhood, elementary and middle level education teacher candidates observe and participate in a wide range of in-classroom teaching experiences to develop the skills and confidence necessary to be an effective teacher. Upon completion of the respective program, teacher candidates of Saint Xavier University will have completed 90 hours of field experience, 140 hours of practicum experiences and over 700 hours in student teaching/clinical practice placements for a total of over 900 hours of authentic classroom experiences.

Field Experiences

Field experiences are arranged in blocks during semesters four, five and six. Each semester candidates will spend two to three hours, one day per week in a school setting under the supervision of a veteran teacher. Throughout these three semesters candidates will experience diverse school settings such as urban, suburban, private and public schools. Specific field experience assignments related to the professional educational coursework for each semester will support candidates in connecting theory with authentic classroom practice.

Practicum Experiences

Practicum experiences provide the opportunity for candidates to gradually ease into their student teaching placement. Practicum placements take place in the candidate's assigned student teaching classroom. These first eight weeks of senior year are divided into two days of on-campus methods coursework and three full days in classroom settings.

Student Teaching/Clinical Practice

Full-time student teaching is divided into two 12-week sessions. During these 24 weeks, candidates experience either two different grade levels or two different content areas. Early childhood candidates spend 12 weeks in a Pre-K setting and 12 weeks in a primary classroom. Elementary candidates spend 12 weeks in a 3rd, 4th or 5th grade classroom and 12 weeks in a 1st or 2nd grade classroom. Middle level candidates are placed in two different content areas -- either math/science or language arts/social science.