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B.A. in Graphic Design


Through the study of art and design, students acquire a rich understanding of human nature, values, psychology, aesthetics and history. Saint Xavier University's Art and Design Department fosters a vibrant community of leaders, committed to collaboration and exchange of ideas and skills while instilling the desire and ability to continue lifelong learning.

Graphic Design conveys visual information with meaning and significance. Using typography, illustration, symbolism, and photography, graphic designers communicate ideas in visual terms. At Saint Xavier University, development of a design vocabulary, knowledge of design history, theory, technique and practical application, and a philosophy of problem-solving methodologies make up the Graphic Design specialization. Studio projects stimulate creative exploration of concepts in both traditional and contemporary media, including experimental and production work on the computer.

The co-participation in Senior Seminar of Graphic Design and Studio Art students provides a valuable opportunity to discover common denominators in both fine and applied arts that the entire design curriculum promotes.

Art Exhibitions at SXU

Throughout their academic and creative journey, students are able to display their artwork in exhibitions on the Saint Xavier campus.

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Program Requirements

For more information, please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog.

Art Minor

Students interested in an art minor are able to chose from a variety of art courses to gain a vast understanding of their chosen area of study.

Graphic Design Minor

Unlike a studio art minor, which is any 6 art courses, a graphic design minor will have to take 6 specific art courses. This minor will have potential employment benefits to have, so we want to make sure that even minors get the proper training.

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