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B.A. in History


As a history student, you are an investigator of the past. Your mission is to gain a deeper appreciation of your community, city, country and world by learning about the struggles and achievements of those who came before you.

Like creators of myth and legend, you look to the past to explain the present. Unlike them, you seek truth, not fiction. You must follow the evidence, finding clues to the past in books, newspapers, letters, living memories, digital sources and traditions passed down by word of mouth. You will learn what investigators before you have discovered and then add discoveries of your own.


Take History Further

With SXU's History program, you gain transferable skills that serve a fast-changing marketplace.

  • Learn how to excel at telling stories. Use information to create a narrative that informs and persuades. These skills are excellent for anyone in marketing, sales, communications, fundraising or public relations.
  • Conduct deep research. Distinguish how to find a wide variety of evidence and sources and how to evaluate them with an eye for contradictions or conflicts, while producing a coherent argument. These skills are perfect if you plan to pursue for a law, research analytics, investigative journalism or writing.
  • Ask meaningful questions about change and continuity over time. Analyze how change happens and the consequences of change. As a result, you will be better prepared to serve and improve the common good. These skills are ideal for a business executive, legislator, technology entrepreneur or market research analyst.
  • Develop an understanding and posture of humility. To understand before judging and to collaborate to expand our limited knowledge base, you will be able to work systematically in a diverse and morally complex world. This is a great skill for a human resources specialist or a global development specialist.

Check out the careers of SXU's History program alumni:

  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • Analysts
  • Philanthropy managers
  • Higher education administrators
  • Management consultants
  • Content marketing specialists
  • Project managers

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Why Study History at Saint Xavier University?

Saint Xavier University gives you practical and hands-on experience that allows you to pursue your passion and develop the skills you need to achieve your personal and professional goals. One way we accomplish that is through independent research, as well as student-faculty collaborative research, and the opportunity to present your work at the SXU Research Expo. Watch a recap from the 2019 SXU Research Expo!

In 2018, several students presented their research at the expo, including:

  • David Soto, who presented "Women and Body Politics in Colonial Mexico and Venezuela"
  • Krista Schaade, who presented "Women's Activism During the Progressive Era: Margaret Haley and the Chicago Teachers' Federation"
  • Jazmin Quinones, who presented "NOSOTROS VENCEREMOS': Community Activism for Accommodations and Inclusion for Hispanic Immigrants in the Lower West Side's Chicago Public Schools, 1960-1980"
  • Eddie Gonzales, who presented "The Making of a Wetback: The Bracero Program and Identity in the Mexican Diaspora"

SXU is a unique place to learn about history.

  • SXU has been part of Chicago history for over 170 years. Generations of our graduates have gone on to be history makers in this city and beyond.
  • Our faculty include experts in the history of Illinois and the United States, Mexico and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Europe and Asia.
  • We combine this breadth with the advantages of a small department. You will come to know your professors as individuals as they will with you.
  • We will discover what sparks your curiosity and guide you on your own quest for historical understanding.
  • You will work closely with your fellow students and form lifelong friendships.
  • Our University comes from a tradition of faith, service and value for the individual.
  • Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, SXU will show you that historical choices are also ethical and moral ones and that knowledge must combine with purpose and principle.

Program Requirements

For more information, please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog.

Suggested Academic Plan

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