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Top Ten Reasons to Pursue an MBA

Saint Xavier University believes in lifelong learning and strives to instill that value into each student's life. However, pursuing a graduate degree can often require a lot of patience and money. You may ask yourself, "What can I gain from earning my MBA?" To help you decide if a Master of Business Administration degree is right for you, here are SXU's top reasons to pursue your MBA.

Boost Your Career Opportunities

1. Switching Career Paths

If you're trying to break into a new career field, an MBA can allow you to expand your interests and find exactly where your passion lies. The array of specializations in GSM's MBA program can help identify new possibilities for you and your career.

2. Move Up at Your Company

If your company is demanding a graduate degree for you to move up professionally, an MBA is a quick way to get that done, as GSM's MBA can be completed in under two years!

3. Possibility of Increasing Your Salary

You may see an increase in your annual salary after earning your MBA, especially in areas such as finance, marketing, accounting and management.

Grow Your Professional Network

4. Collaborate with Experienced Faculty

GSM's experienced faculty is always willing to connect their students to bigger and better opportunities. With connections to J.P. Morgan, CME Group and other top institutions, you are invited to explore what new possibilities are available, while developing close, professional relationships with your professors.

5. Connect with Business Executives in Your Field

Networking is all about building meaningful, professional relationships between current business students and experienced, knowledgeable professionals. The BEST Mentoring Program provides the opportunity to learn from highly successful and experienced executives while forging long-lasting, professional relationships.

6. Get to Know Like-Minded Individuals

Getting involved with events and programs like the Summer Immersion Course or the Economic Summit is an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations.

Enhance Your Education

7. Gain Hands-On Experience

Hands-on experience gives a deeper understanding of the course materials and allows you to engage in the coursework for better application in the real world. GSM offers hands-on experience through the Experiential Learning Center and the Center for the Study of Fraud and Corruption.

8. Become a Leader

Be inspired to lead through authoritative roles available in the international honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma would allow you to gain the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive, and it offers many excellent leadership opportunities.

9. Gain a Global Perspective

Experience new viewpoints and new cultures! GSM gives you the chance to see the world from a global perspective through their biennial educational trip to China. This trip is designed to expose you to the culture and fast economic development of China and to motivate and inspire you to be global leaders in the international business environment.

10. Sharpen Your Professional Skills

Enrich your team-building and management skills through collaborative coursework and group assignments. GSM's capstone course, through research and presentation, provides the opportunity to strengthen your critical thinking, written communication and public speaking skills.

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