Institutional Review Board

Helpful Hints for Submitting Proposals

Submission Instructions

1. Download the IRB Application Form (DOC). Save the form to your computer using your last name to identify the document.

2. Fill out all spaces on form using your word processor.

3. Attach to the application informed consent information and data collection instruments, as indicated on the form. Please do not send these as separate documents; they must be attached directly to the application form as one continuous PDF file. To accomplish this, please perform the following tasks:

4. Name your document as follows: last name of P.I._term_year. [Sample: Smith_summer_08]. Email the entire electronic PDF document to

5. Please print out the signature box page and sign at the places indicated.

6. If applicable, please print out the "Administrator's Consent" for research done in schools or other institutions. This must be signed by the appropriate official.

Note: Electronic documents will be reviewed by the IRB; however, an approval number cannot be issued until signature pages are received.

Hints and Reminders

Research Protocol

Consent forms and letters