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Academic Guidance


Welcome to Academic Guidance

High-impact learning, quality and engaging student support services and preparing students for competence, character and career success are at the heart of the SXU experience. Whether you have questions, are seeking faculty or staff mentors or looking for workshops or seminars to help prepare you for success, we are here to help. Check out the many resources available to help students thrive and reach their goals.

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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The role of the IRB is to review all proposals for research involving human subjects prior to the commencement research and to monitor the progress of projects which have received IRB approval and to ensure that the rights of human research subjects are fully protected.

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Student Success Academy

The Student Success Academy is an academic support program designed for a select group of incoming freshmen and helps first-year students develop the necessary skills and academic confidence to handle advanced learning in college, focusing on skill development in critical reading, foundational math, study skills and writing components.

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Records and Registration

Service to the student and to the University includes the commitment to an effective data management system that ensures integrity, confidentiality and security of institutional records.

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Student Success

We are here to help!

College is a time of transformation and growth, and we have programs in place to help you succeed through every step of your journey.

  • Holistic academic advising.
  • Support coaching and outreach.
  • Personal and career development.
  • Tutoring and learning support.
  • Resources for first-generation students and those with documented disabilities.
  • Student leadership opportunities.
  • Internships.
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Rebound Program

The Rebound Program is a university-wide program for first-year students who fail to maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average within their first semester.

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