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All admitted undergraduate students must have their advisor's approval in order to register. Advisor approval is also required for graduate students in the College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business, as well as the Education Division in the College of Liberal Arts and Education. All other students do not need their advisor's approval to register, but should check with their advisor regarding appropriate course options.

fall 2024 Registration Dates

  • Admitted graduate students can register on Self-Service now.
  • Registration for undergraduate students will begin March 13, 2024.
  • Assigned registration times are now available. You may view your assigned registration time on Student Planning, located on the Student Self-Service menu. Assignment time is located on the Plan and Schedule page and is displayed under the fall 2024 term. You can plan your courses now and register during or after your assigned time.
  • Undergraduate students can register on Self-Service anytime after scheduled time assigned.
  • Registration for new students begins 8:30 a.m. on Friday, March 29, 2024.

How can I prepare for registration?

  • Meet with your advisor to obtain registration approval.
    • All admitted undergraduate students must have their advisor's approval in order to register. Graduate students in the Education Division and College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business must have their advisor's approval in order to register.
  • Select backup courses in case those that you want are unavailable.
  • Verify that you have financial clearance to register by contacting the Office of Student Accounts at studentaccountsFREESXU.

Does it cost anything to register?

Admitted students are not required to make any payment at the time of registration. However, all financial obligations to the University must be met in order to register.

Accuracy of Registration

The individual student is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of registration. Students who alter their original class schedule must do so officially, either in the Office of Records or through Self-Service on mySXU. Those students who do not assume this responsibility are jeopardizing their record by the possibility of incurring an F in a course not properly dropped and/or not receiving credit in a course improperly added.

Any questions regarding the student's registration should be directed to the Office of Records. Online class information available via Self-Service is real time and accurate. Students are cautioned not to attend a class for which they are not officially registered through the Office of Records. Special care should be taken when registering for a course with multiple section listings that the student attends only the section listed on their official schedule.

Schedules listing room numbers are available through Self-Service. To access this information you must have a mySXU login and password.


If you have any questions, please email us at registrarFREESXU.