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Equivalencies of the Credit Hour

Saint Xavier University follows the definition of a credit hour as published in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 34, Part 600.2. Saint Xavier University's established equivalencies to the Federal definition of the credit hour are below. These standards apply to both undergraduate and graduate courses.

  1. For each semester hour of credit, courses that meet in a face-to-face format must include one 50-minute period with the instructor and two hours of outside of class work for 15 weeks.
  2. 1 credit hour = 50 minutes contact + 120 minutes outside work over 15 weeks for a total of 2,550 minutes of student effort.

  3. One hour of credit may be awarded for laboratory and discussion sections that meet a minimum of 50 minutes per week and a maximum of 150 minutes per week.
  4. 1 credit hour = 1 to 3 lab and discussion sessions ranging from a total of 50 to 150 minutes.

  5. Courses with an instructional method that is not face-to-face (for example, hybrid or online courses) meet the credit hour standard if they meet one of the following criteria: 1) the course covers the same material in the same depth as a face-to-face version of the same course; or 2) the course has been evaluated by the department and college for content and rigor, and the department and college have approved the semester hour credit to be awarded.

  6. Any course offered in a shortened term must be equivalent in both contact and outside work totals as a semester-length course.