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Withdrawal and Tuition Refunds

In order to accommodate our diverse population, Saint Xavier University is committed to offering courses in a variety of formats and timelines. The following table reflects refund policies based on the start date of the section:

# of Weeks Class Meets 100% Refund within:
14 weeks or more 14 calendar days, counting the start date
5 to 13 weeks 10 calendar days, counting the start date
4 weeks or less 3 calendar days, counting the start date


Contact the Office of Records and Registration in room A-203 of the Warde Academic Center or call 773-298-3501 for information on specific courses.

Students who register for a class are responsible for tuition unless they officially withdraw either in the Office of Records and Registration or through Self-Service on mySXU. Fees are not refundable. Notifying the instructor or ceasing to attend the class does not constitute an authorized withdrawal. An additional fee will be charged for dropped courses resulting from non attendance.

A class may be dropped without academic penalty until the 3/4 point of the semester or term. (Dates to be determined and published each semester by the Office of Records and Registration.) A grade of W will appear on the record for any class dropped after the official refund date.

Students Who Reside in Arizona, Maryland and Wisconsin

Attention residents of Arizona, Maryland and Wisconsin, per the requirements of these states, students who reside in these states will follow a different refund schedule and process. Please visit the link to your respective state of residence for information. If you have any questions about the refund process please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 773-298-3046 or at studentaccountsFREESXU.

Housing Withdrawal Process

For information on the refund policy for housing, please visit the housing withdrawal information page.