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Prairie State College and Saint Xavier University Dual Degree Partnership Agreement

Why is this partnership between Prairie State College and Saint Xavier University meaningful and beneficial?

Saint Xavier University (SXU) and Prairie State College (PSC) are thrilled to offer a Dual Degree Partnership Agreement. Both institutions see this as a means of increasing access to and success in educational programs for all students -- especially underrepresented students.

What can Prairie State College students expect to benefit from as a result of this partnership?

Not only do SXU-bound PSC students receive the opportunity to earn two degrees -- an associate degree from PSC and a bachelor's degree from SXU -- but they conveniently receive on-campus access to SXU transfer resources and support hosted on each PSC campus to facilitate college retention and transition to SXU.

SXU-PSC students who qualify can also partake in the following:

  • Students who earn a minimum 3.75 cumulative GPA are eligible to apply to SXU's Honors Program.
  • PSC students will be given every consideration for financial assistance and be eligible for one or more scholarships at SXU. Those participating in the Dual Degree Partnership Agreement will be awarded the Preferred Partnership Scholarship and have the opportunity to apply for the Full-Time Scholarship.
  • PSC students will be invited to attend special events and workshops in support of their college transition and academic success.
  • For SXU undergraduate students planning to pursue SXU's graduate Speech-Language Pathology program, SXU offers you a direct admission process.

How will SXU prepare PSC students for success?

The Saint Xavier University Transfer Student Services Center and the Office of Admission are both committed to the academic success of all transfer students. We look forward to the new partnership and strive to make the transition seamless for all PSC transfer students.

To further prepare students, SXU will:

  • Create clear and concise transfer guides for students to follow to guarantee a smooth transition to SXU, which will include mapping out a suggested eight-semester plan for students hoping to graduate with a bachelor's degree in four years.
  • Arrange faculty meetings for PSC students who have questions regarding their major.
  • Connect PSC students with SXU financial aid counselors prior to transferring to SXU, for a better understanding on how to finance their education.
  • Guide PSC students about the transfer process, which starts with the PSC student applying at least one semester out. With the Dual Degree Partnership Agreement, the student will work with an SXU contact early on who will offer financial counseling, dual advising and the benefit of guaranteed admissions.

Any questions regarding this partnership may be addressed to Eileen Luce, director of Transfer Student Services Center, at luceFREESXU.

How to Participate in the PSC/SXU Dual Degree Partnership Agreement

To take full advantage of this agreement, interested students at the Prairie State College should complete the Dual Degree Partnership Program application form as early as possible in their studies. Details and instructions are listed on the form. Watch the Dual Degree Partnership with Saint Xavier University to learn more about the PSC/SXU Dual Degree Partnership.