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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Admission Classifications

Degree-Seeking Students

The following classifications are made for degree-seeking students:

  1. Admit with full status: All admission criteria are met; minimum grade-point average of 3.0, or the equivalency established by the individual graduate programs; bachelor's degree conferred by a regionally accredited institution; receipt of required supporting materials by the Office of Graduate Admission.
  2. Admit on probation: Status used when a component of the admission criteria is not met. When 12 credit hours of coursework (6 credit hours for MSN) at Saint Xavier have been completed, the student's progress will be reviewed by the program director. If a 3.0 grade-point average, with grades of A and B, has been achieved, the student will be admitted with full status.
  3. Admit on conditional status: Student may attempt a certain number of credit hours, as determined by the program, while meeting the conditions of admission. Such conditions include, but are not limited to:
    • student taking undergraduate prerequisites (see individual departments for required undergraduate prerequisites)
    • supplying final transcripts
  4. Defer: The student may need to retake a graduate exam or complete 6 credit hours at SXU as a student-at-large, if approved by program director. The student's progress will be reviewed.
  5. Deny admission: Student has not met the admission requirements. Denied applicants are not allowed to register for classes. Denied applicants may not reapply to the same program for at least one year.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Non-degree-seeking students may enroll as:

  1. Student-at-Large: The dean/director of the graduate program may grant permission for students to enroll in graduate courses. Students-at-large should be aware of the limits on courses that may be taken, as described in the policy on students-at-large later in this document.
  2. Students enrolled in professional development workshops.

Admission of International Students

International students (those not holding United States citizenship or permanent residency) must submit the following to the Office of Graduate Admission at Saint Xavier University:

  1. A completed online application.
  2. Completed recommendation forms if required for the program of interest.
  3. Official results of the appropriate graduate admission test.
  4. A completed and notarized SXU Affidavit of Support (PDF) and a notarized bank statement or bank letter verifying the amount of $40,000 U.S. dollars. An alternative to submitting the aforementioned documents is a scholarship letter confirming coverage of all educational costs.
  5. Currency must be converted to U.S. Dollars, and the letter must be written in English.
  6. Non-native English speaking applicants must submit official test scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or official results from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or proof of completion of ELS course level 112.
  7. A "course-by-course" transcript evaluation report by an approved educational credential evaluator, for all colleges or universities attended abroad to determine U.S. equivalency. The Office of Graduate Admission can recommend companies that provide these services.
  8. Copies of the identification and expiration pages of the student's passport. Copies of existing immigration paperwork (visa, current I-20, I-94, etc.) should also be provided, if applicable.
  9. Additional requirements may apply, depending on program.

After the admission process is completed and the student is admitted to Saint Xavier University, the Form I-20 will be issued to the student.

Upon arriving at the University campus, all international students must contact the Center for International Education at 773-298-3780 or to confirm their arrival and learn of next steps. It is the student's responsibility to attend SXU on a full-time basis and to notify the Center for International Education of any change in status, including withdrawal. This is imperative in order to maintain F1 Visa status.

Note: International students are not permitted to register as students-at-large, nor are they eligible for financial aid.