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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Freshman Student Admission

The Admission Committee is interested in applicants' academic quality and progress, as well as the ability and desire to do college work. Required documentation needed to complete the application process is subject to change. Applicants may be asked to submit additional documentation as requested by the Admission Committee. A current list of application requirements and needed materials can be found under the freshman student application procedure.

High school preparation must include a minimum of 16 units (one unit of any subject consists of the work normally covered in one year).

The following subjects are strongly recommended:

English 4 Units
Mathematics 3 Units (Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry)
Natural and Social Sciences 4 Units Combined
Foreign Language 2 Units
Academic Electives 3 Units

Students planning to pursue programs in science, mathematics or computer science are recommended to have completed a fourth unit of high school mathematics. Students interested in nursing should complete high school biology and chemistry.


Essential Abilities and Behaviors: As part of the application process, all applicants to nursing programs must read and agree to a list of essential abilities and behaviors.

Health Requirements: Nursing students are required to meet certain health requirements prior to starting clinical courses (in sophomore year at SXU). Students are also required to test negative for drugs in a 12 panel drug screening prior to beginning their clinical experience as required by clinical agencies. The University reserves the right to require random drug screenings based upon reasonable suspicion.

Background Check: Nursing students are responsible for completing and clearing a criminal background check as a condition of admission to the nursing program and must do so annually thereafter. All students shall have an ongoing duty to report any violations of this policy and/or state and/or federal law.