Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

International Student Admission

International students (those not holding United States citizenship or permanent residency) must submit the following to Saint Xavier University:

  1. A completed SXU application.
  2. Official transcripts from the high school and college/university attended. Transcripts from a non-USA school must be translated and evaluated in English by a recognized credential-evaluation agency. The Office of Admission can recommend companies that provide these services.
  3. A completed and notarized affidavit of support form (PDF). This affidavit is also available on the International Admission web page.
  4. A notarized bank statement or bank letter demonstrating financial support for at least one year of attendance at SXU. Currency must be converted to U.S. dollars, and the letter must be written or translated into English.
  5. Test scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). See the TOEFL website or the IELTS website for information.
  6. Letter(s) of reference from an administrator or teacher at the last school attended, attesting to the student's potential for academic success and proficiency in English are recommended.
  7. Photocopies or facsimiles of identification and expiration pages of the student's passport and copies of existing immigration paperwork (visa, current I-20, I-94, etc.) should be provided, if applicable.

The student will not be reviewed for admission until all documents are completed and received.

After the admission process is completed and the student is admitted to Saint Xavier University, the Form I-20 will be issued to the student. Upon arriving at the University's campus, the student should report to the Office of International Education (CIE). CIE assists arriving and current international students during their time at SXU. It is the student's responsibility to attend SXU on a full-time basis and to notify the Office of International Education of any change in status, including withdrawal. International students are not permitted to register as students-at-large.