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Graduate Assistantships

Available Assistantships

Education Graduate Assistantship

Duration: Semi-annual

Assistantship Details: More information to come.

GSM Graduate Assistantship

Duration: Semi-annual

Assistantship Details: Graduate assistantships require a student to work about 12 hours per week either as a faculty research assistant or an administrative assistant. These positions require scholarly achievement, high proficiency in writing and an attention to detail. Strong organizational and "people" skills are also required. Your personal statement should outline any previous research experience you have as well as any office and clerical experience.

MACS Graduate Assistantship

Duration: Semi-annual
Contact: Imad Al Saeed | 773-298-3393 | MACSFREESXU

Assistantship Details: A few graduate assistantships (both full and partial) are available in the Master of Applied Computer Science program at Saint Xavier University. The graduate assistantships cover a tuition waiver for credit hours of coursework per semester. In return for the tuition waiver, the students will spend five to 15 hours per week working as research, tutorial or teaching assistants. After admission to the program, all interested candidates are invited to submit an email detailing interest in the graduate assistantship and a brief bio to MACSFREESXU.

CSDI Graduate Assistantship

Assistantship Details: Graduate assistantships in the graduate speech-language pathology program at Saint Xavier University include a tuition waiver for two credit hours of coursework per semester. In return for the tuition waiver, the students will spend up to five hours per week working as research, tutorial or clinical assistants. Application for a graduate assistantship is made directly through the CSDI Department at SXU after entrance into the program.

Nursing Graduate Assistantship

Assistantship Details: As assistantships become available, students are notified through Canvas in the appropriate Group Announcements. Assistantships are generally practice based which includes working with the simulation lab and assisting with undergraduate and sometimes graduate student work. Students must apply for the assistantship, meet with the School of Nursing and Health Sciences and the director of Simulation. The number of available assistantships will vary each year.

Contact: Student Life | 773-298-3123 | graduateassistantappsFREESXU

Graduate Assistantships generally require live-in assignments on campus and also have assigned work in student activities. These positions are usually posted in the spring semester. The positions are 12-month contracts which are reviewed for annual renewal.

Position titles may include:

  • Graduate Assistant in Campus Ministry
  • Graduate Assistant in Campus Life (Student Activities and Orientation)
  • Graduate Assistant in Residence Life
Applications are now being accepted for the 2022-23 academic year. Apply through SXU Den.