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Senior Leadership Team

Keith Elder, Ph.D.
Office: Mercy Ministry Center 115
Phone: 773-298-3309
Email: sxupresidentFREESXU

Saib Othman, Ph.D.
Office: Mercy Ministry Center 118
Phone: 773-298-3190
Email: sothmanFREESXU

Robert Wallett, M.S.
Interim CFO
Office: Warde Academic Center G-200B
Phone: 773-298-3019
Email: wallettFREESXU

Ken Alston, M.A.
Athletic Director
Office: Shannon Center 171
Phone: 773-298-3585
Email: kalstonFREESXU

Amy Amason, M.Ed.
Interim Vice President, University Advancement
Office: O'Grady Center 211
Phone: 773-298-3317
Email: amasonFREESXU

Charlene Bermele, DNP
Interim Dean, College of Nursing, Health Sciences and Business
Office: Warde Academic Center E-205
Phone: 773-298-3750
Email: bermeleFREESXU

Kathleen Carlson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Institutional Research and Special Assistant to the President
Office: Warde Academic Center S-409
Phone: 773-298-3305
Email: carlsonFREESXU

Jenny DeVivo, Ph.D.
Vice President, Mission and Heritage
Office: Mercy Ministry Center 114
Phone: 773-341-5734
Email: devivoFREESXU

William Ehmann, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Provost
Office: Mercy Ministry Center 121
Phone: 773-298-3191
Email: ehmannFREESXU

Indranil Ghosh, Ph.D.
Director, Graham School of Management
Office: Graham School of Management GSM 112
Phone: 773-341-5015
Email: ghoshFREESXU

Brian Hotzfield, MBA
Vice President, Strategic Enrollment Management
Office: Warde Academic Center S-401
Phone: 773-298-3096
Email: hotzfieldFREESXU

Molly Maley Gaik, MBA
Chief Information Officer
Office: Warde Academic Center S-411
Phone: 773-298-3293
Email: maleyFREESXU

Natalie Page, Ed.D.
Vice President, Student Success and Inclusion
Office: Warde Academic Center A-207
Phone: 773-298-3830
Email: npageFREESXU

Deb Rapacz, M.S.
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Office: O'Grady Center 203
Phone: 773-298-3326
Fax: 773-298-3794
Email: rapaczFREESXU

Gina Rossetti, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Education
Office: Warde Academic Center N-214
Phone: 773-298-3598
Email: rossettiFREESXU

Katy Thompson, M.A.
Vice President, Student Life
Office: Warde Academic Center L-103
Phone: 773-298-3123
Email: thompsonFREESXU