Mission Day

Sister Isidore Perrigo, R.S.M. Staff Mission Award

The Saint Xavier Staff Mission Award recognizes a staff member whose service to the University community has embodied the University's core values and its Catholic/mercy mission in ways that contribute to making SXU a better place to work and to learn. The award will be presented on Mission Day, Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. in the Butler Reception Room.


Candidates must be current SXU staff members.


Who May Nominate

Nominations are encouraged from fellow staff, faculty and SXU students. Potential candidates may nominate themselves.


Previous Recipients

2019 Mary Rita Insley
Jodi O'Toole
  2002 Maureen Wogan
2018 McHale Smith   2001 Kathleen Carlson, Ph.D.
2017 Joanne Mullins   2000 Alice Brosius
2016 Jane Lundin, M.Ed.   1999 Mary Ann Regan
2015 Brian Hotzfield   1998 Paul Cherry
2014 Rae Joyce Baguilat   1997 Grace M. Demicco
2013 Therese Johnson   1996 Joan Kaminski
2012 Catalina Ayala   1995 Gene Deplewski
2011 Kathy Mareska   1994 Jane Knoerr
2010 Jennifer Kjos Quinlan   1993 Charles Raddatz
2008-2009 Mary Kean Coffey   1992 Laverne Knighten
2007 Margaret Lepore   1991 Anne Steele
2006 Sue DeMatteo   1990 Sister Pauline Fields, R.S.M.
2005 Barbara Sutton   1989 Dolores Marek
2004 Kathy McElligott   1988 Jeanne Meissner
2003 Beth Gierach   1987 Avis Clendenen, D. Min., Ph.D.