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Education Division

Welcome to the Education Division

The faculty in the Education Division, in keeping with the founding vision of the Sisters of Mercy, have a long and successful history of preparing individuals for careers in teaching at every age level from birth to age 21.

The content of the teacher preparation programs aligns with best practice and is informed by research. Teacher candidates study human development, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, standards for learning, and ways to motivate and engage learners.

The Education Division has developed strong relationships with every type of school in the area, including public, private, urban, suburban, and charter schools. Teacher candidates benefit from field experiences and student teaching at a wide range of schools, serving students who are themselves diverse in culture, language, community, socioeconomic status, and prior experience. These valued partnerships provide candidates with the best opportunities to participate in meaningful field experiences as they prepare to become classroom teachers. We collaborate with teacher candidates to guide them to become scholars, lifelong learners, leaders, and reflective practitioners dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

The Education Division programs are nationally accredited by Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. Teachers prepared in the programs are welcomed by school employers in the Chicago metro area and beyond. The faculty and staff in the division are dedicated to the development of teachers who are committed to the success of the children and teens they will serve.

Meet the Faculty