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M.A.Ed. Dual Endorsement | LBS I and Bilingual/ESL




5 Semesters


30 Credit Hours

Important DATES

Three Start Terms
Next Start Term: Spring II - March 17, 2025 (Priority Deadline: March 1)

Online Info Sessions


Tuition Per Credit Hour: $575
Credit Hours to Complete: 30
Approximate Cost: $17,250


 Course Descriptions


Earn Your M.A. in Education and Two Endorsements

Saint Xavier University's M.A. in Education Dual Endorsement program is the first online program in Illinois to provide you with a master's degree and two endorsements in the high-demand areas of special education and ESL or bilingual education within the state.

The program allows you to move up in your current career more quickly or qualify for a new career as a special educator (K to age 22), ESL educator (pre-K to grade 12) or a bilingual educator (pre-K to grade 12).

As a teacher who holds a PEL, you can gain instructional and assessment strategies for immediate application in your classroom. Through our 100-percent online classes, you will:

  • Explore cultural and linguistic assets of communities in order to adapt your teaching style accordingly to specific needs and situations.
  • Learn instructional strategies for effective instruction for all students.
  • Develop a classroom management plan so that you'll be better prepared for your students.
  • Plan for teaching language and content concurrently for the betterment of your students.
  • Design family involvement strategies for parents and caretakers to become strongly invested in the learning process, as well as ways to differentiate instruction and help students meet learning standards.
  • Provide equitable, inclusive and culturally validating environments, as you consider how being "different" affects students who have disabilities.
  • Obtain knowledge of law, policies, service delivery models and instruction of emerging bilingual students.

The SXU Difference

Learn from Meg Carroll, Ed.D., professor of education, who teaches courses in special education and instructional methods. Dr. Carroll is a frequent presenter at conferences and staff development days throughout the state of Illinois, with over 1,150 combined presentations. She has also published five books and over 35 articles on the topics of special education.

Dr. Carroll serves on the board of the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois and has presented on topics such as "Diagnoses that Influence Behavior: What To Do," "Curriculum Planning for Students with Intellectual Disabilities" and "Adaptations and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities."

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The One M.A., Two Endorsements Breakdown

LBS I Endorsement

The Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I) Endorsement program provides you with all the tools, resources and expertise needed to serve as a special educator or as a more proficient general educator to students with disabilities in your general education classroom.

The courses in this program cover topics including: characteristics of students with disabilities, diagnosis assessment for educational decision-making and methods of teaching students with disabilities. Learn more about the LBS I Endorsement, including specific courses and requirements.

READ: the Top Ten Reasons for Pursuing Special Education.

Bilingual or ESL Endorsement

When you earn a Bilingual Education endorsement or an ESL endorsement, you develop the skills and capabilities necessary to serve students who are English language learners in a general education classroom, co-teaching setting or push-in or pull-out model, such as a dual language model.

Coursework required for either endorsement include six courses, or 18 credit hours, of study following ISBE requirements. In addition to completing the required courses, those seeking bilingual endorsement must pass an Illinois proficiency exam in a second language.

Learn more about the Bilingual or ESL Endorsement program, including specific courses and requirements.

M.A.Ed. Dual Endorsement Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Education Dual Endorsement graduate program takes five semesters to complete, with 30 credit hours in total. Please check out the program requirements in the SXU Academic Catalog for more information.

Observation and practice are major keys for this program. Through these keys, you'll be able to provide direct instruction to students with disabilities or who are speakers of other languages, monitor and assess their development, collaborate with families and paraprofessionals and more.

If you're pursing the Learning Behavior Specialist (LBS) I endorsement and either the ESL or the bilingual endorsement, you must be a licensed educator. However, you're still welcome to pursue expertise in special education and ESL/bilingual education for other purposes.

Meet the Faculty