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Spanish Learning Outcomes


Saint Xavier University is dedicated to providing top-quality education that is intentionally designed to develop your skills and expertise as you prepare for the next step in your education or career. The learning outcomes reflect the specific competencies that you will gain from our English program and our Spanish program, while the curriculum map portrays how these competencies will shape and prepare you for the real world.

  • Students will convey and receive messages based on the three modes of communication: interpersonal, or two-way interaction with someone else; interpretive, the ability to understand a one-way aural or written text; and presentational, the ability to present information in either a written or oral format.
  • Students will understand the culture of the people who speak the target language through learning about the products and practices of the culture and how those relate to the perspectives of the people of that culture.
  • Students will access knowledge in other disciplines through the target language and reinforce concepts already learned in these disciplines in the language classroom.
  • Students will gain insight into their own language and culture, thus providing them with a deeper understanding of how language works and how cultures reflect the perspectives, practices and products of the people who speak that language.