Faculty Toolkit

Faculty Toolkit

CIDAT has put together this course toolkit page, where you will find available SXU technology tools and open educational tools to support your teaching. We have also listed many useful resources for different disciplines, if you find any other useful resources, please send an email to cidat@sxu.edu, we will keep updating the list.

Within this toolkit you will find:

CPOT Course

The CPOT Course page has an overview of the SXU Certificate of Preparedness for Online Teaching (CPOT) Course, designed for those interested in online teaching.

Green Teaching

Refer to the Green Teaching page to learn the best methods available to improve sustainability. Included are six tips on "green teaching" which promote the use of technology as a means to creating a greener university.

SXU Resources

Using the SXU Resources page, discover all of the resources offered here at SXU. Included are SXU Services and SXU Software. Contact information is provided.

Pedagogical Resources

The Pedagogical Resources page includes an extensive list of popular teaching strategies that have been incorporated into courses nationwide. These methods break tradition and challenge students to think critically, collaboratively, and creatively. Please consider adopting one or more of these pedagogical practices into your courses. For more assistance please contact cidat@sxu.edu.

Open Education Resource (OER) Tech Tools

The OER Tech Tools page provides useful websites and applications for a variety of topics. Find Presentation, Screen Capture, Whiteboard, and many other tools in one location.

Open Education Resources (OER) by Discipline

With the OER by Discipline section you can search for sources that have been arranged into our school's many disciplines. The sources include tools for creating lesson plans, finding useful databases, and more.

Suggestion Box

Use the Suggestion Box to inform us of any broken links, suggested tools or websites. Your feedback is much appreciated!