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SPOT Course


Hybrid and online courses create an entirely different learning environment that requires the instructor to rethink the pedagogy and learning strategies. The Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technology (CIDAT) has developed a 15-hour self-paced course known as the Self-Paced Online Teaching (SPOT) module. This course is designed for SXU faculty members who are interested in making their online content more interactive and engaging for your students.

To complete the module you must move sequentially through the items as they are listed. There are five main parts to this module and assessment tasks associated with each part.


Part I - Technology & Canvas Readiness

  • Part I Objectives
  • Online Teaching Readiness Survey (assignment)
  • Watch: Video Tutorials
  • Canvas Basics Quiz

Part II - Online Community

  • Part II Objectives
  • Watch: 7 Guidelines for Effective Teaching Online
  • Discussion (assignment)

Part III - Learning Objectives, Online Assessment & Course Workload

  • Part III Objectives
  • Bloom's Objectives, Seat Time Matrices, Online Seat Time Calculator for Instructor, Student Workload Estimator
  • Discussion (assignment)

Part IV - Course Development

  • Part IV Objectives
  • Canvas Basic Template
  • Watch: Embed Materials into Canvas (2 videos)
  • Quality Checklist for Online Courses
  • Course Design Assignment

Part V - Feedback

  • Part V Objectives
  • Feedback, The Sandwich-Scaffold Method
  • Feedback, Beyond the Sandwich Method
  • Five Tips on How to Create a Learning Community
  • Effective Feedback Quiz (assignment)

SPOT is designed to introduce you to the effective practices of online teaching and learning. You will have a unique opportunity to experience online learning as a student, and this first hand experience is crucial to help you develop a sense of what works and what doesn't work and why with online teaching.

You will learn how to plan, design, and build your online course as well as how to interact and communicate with your students: all within the online environment. As a student in this course, you will bring the expertise in subject matter and in face-to-face pedagogy; our job is to prepare you to translate your expertise from face-to-face classroom instruction to effective teaching in an online environment. SPOT is taught by Center for Instructional Design and Academic Technology (CIDAT) personnel.

Saint Xavier University is offering this self-paced online course, SPOT to all SXU full-time and adjunct faculty. Please contact the Center for Instructional Design & Academic Technology (cidatFREESXU) if you would like to know more information about this course.