Managers work with other organization members and resources to achieve organizational goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Throughout your management career, you will work to achieve these goals through the four basic management functions of planning, organizing, influencing and measuring performance. Skilled managers are in high demand, as every industry and organization needs managers to fulfill their goals. As you progress in your career and hone your management skills, your responsibilities and influence will grow from managing day-to-day operations to overseeing long-term objectives and multi-faceted groups and projects.

Program Highlights

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Saint Xavier University prepares students to become responsible and effective business executives in a diverse and changing global society. The AACSB-accredited program offers an innovative curriculum with numerous concentrations for students to specialize in a particular area of business, with concentrations
in accounting, finance, hospitality, management and marketing.

Three-Year Option

Complete the Bachelor of Business Administration in three years! Learn more about the three-year option.

Program Requirements

For more information about the BBA curriculum, please review the business core requirements, as well as the concentration requirements and course descriptions, in the SXU Academic Catalog.

Recommended Minors

Spanish Minor

Combine a BBA with a minor in Spanish. Obtain skills that leads to careers in the following areas: International law, banking; U.S. representative for foreign company; patent attorney; representative for U.S. firm abroad; foreign branch of U.S. firm; advertising, sales, fashion buyer; marketing; executive or manager; technical expert; personnel manager; Public Relations; secretarial and clerical opportunities; import‐export firms; brokerage firms; banks; medical organizations; service, cultural organizations.

Communication Minor

Communications minors are often highly attuned to current events and the world of media, they have strong public speaking and presentation skills and they know how to write well and craft convincing arguments. This minor provides skills to business students who want to enter fields such as public relations, advertising, or event planning. 

Religious Studies Minor

A recent panel at the American Academy of Religion identified religious studies as being of particular advantage to working in an increasingly globalized world. Management majors obtain an appreciation for diversity, equity, and inclusion, via a religious studies minor, which allows them to connect on a personal and empathetic level with employees and a broad range of ethnic communities, in ways that would not have been available to them without a religious studies degree.

Writing Minor

All business executives will have to write, whether it is a formal report, a memo, or even an e-mail correspondence.  The writing minor provides necessary communication skills that business professionals will use on a daily basis. 

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