International Student Admission

Graduate Application Requirements

Below outlines the application process and the admission requirements for international graduate program applicants.

Saint Xavier University welcomes and appreciates the interest international students have in pursuing graduate studies at the university. We hope you find the information on this page to be helpful and useful.

Application/Admission Process

To be considered for admission into a graduate program, you must complete the entire application process which consists of

  1. Submission of an online Graduate Student application (no application fee), followed by
  2. Submission of all required supplemental documents.

To start the application process, submit the online Graduate Student application (no fee), on which you will select your graduate program of choice and your preferred start term. After submitting your application, a representative will contact you and provide information on which supplemental documents are needed, where and how to submit them, and to answer your questions.

Please know that international students can only be admitted into a full, degree seeking program. International students cannot be admitted into a graduate program that finishes before degree completion, such as our graduate business certificate programs. Also, international students are not eligible for financial aid.

Deadlines for Admission Consideration

Completion of the entire application process by May 1 guarantees admission consideration for the fall term (August). Completion of the entire application process by October 1 guarantees admission consideration for the spring term (January). Applicants who do not complete application process in its entirety by the deadline date aligned with their preferred start term can be considered for admission into the next start term upon request at that time.

Admission Requirements (Supplemental Documents Needed)

In addition to the application/admission requirements applicable to every applicant, regardless of citizenship status, "international" applicants must submit the following supplemental documents to be considered for admission:

  1. Online Graduate Student application (no application fee)
  2. Copy of passport (both the identification and expiration pages)
  3. One set of official transcripts from any/all U.S. colleges/universities attended, if applicable
  4. Official, course-by-course transcript evaluation of all colleges/universities attended outside the U.S. for both undergraduate and graduate level coursework (if applicable), from one of the following three organizations:
  5. Official results of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) OR IELTS (International English Language Testing System). English proficiency test will be waived for students who received their degree in the U.S.
    • * Applicants who elect TOEFL must submit official TOEFL results showing a minimum score of 80 on the Internet-based exam, or 550 on the paper-based exam, or 213 on the computer-based exam. Saint Xavier's institution code is 1708.
    • * Applicants who elect IELTS must submit official IELTS results showing a minimum Overall Band Score of 6.5.
  6. Notarized Saint Xavier University Affidavit of Support form (PDF). This form must completed by sponsor(s) to demonstrate an international applicant's ability to afford tuition and living expenses while enrolled in a graduate degree program at Saint Xavier University. Applicants may have more than once sponsor, but each sponsor must complete a separate Saint Xavier University Affidavit of Support.
  7. Bank letter. This official letter must indicate the student has financial sponsorship in the amount of at least $40,000. The amount listed on the bank letter must be shown in U.S. dollars and must match what is listed on the Saint Xavier University Affidavit of Support form from each sponsor. The bank letter must be written in English by the sponsor's bank or translated into English. The bank letter must be signed and stamped by a bank official.
  8. For Master of Applied Computer Science program applicants only: experience working for a company in an English-speaking setting, experience attending an English-speaking University and letters of reference from an administrator, supervisor or teacher attesting to the student's potential for academic success and proficiency in English will be considered (or may be considered if results of the TOEFL or IELTS are below the required score).
  9. For graduate business program applicants only:
    * Two recommendations and official results of the GRE or GMAT are required.
    GRE/GMAT notes:
    • If the applicant chooses the GRE, our "preferred" GRE result is a combined score of 300 (with a minimum Verbal section score of 150 and a minimum Writing section score of 4.0).
    • If the applicant chooses the GMAT, it is preferred that the applicant's cumulative GPA* multiplied by 200, plus the applicant's GMAT score, equals 950 at a minimum. For example, an applicant whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 and GMAT score is 500 meets our preferred GMAT result of 950 because the 3.0 GPA times 200 (=600), plus the GMAT score of 500, equals 1,100 - thus exceeding our preferred GMAT result of 950.
  10. Copy of current student visa, if applicable.
  11. Copy of I-20 form from current U.S. college/university, if applicable.
  12. Copy of I-94 form documenting the original entry into the U.S.

In addition to the application/admission requirements which apply to international students applying to graduate school at Saint Xavier University as listed above, each graduate school has its own, specific requirements that must be met. Select the graduate school for which you are making application from the list below to view its own, specific requirements:

Contact Information

If you have questions about the process for applying to graduate school at Saint Xavier University as an international student, please contact our Office of Graduate Admission at We are happy to assist you and we will respond to your email as soon as we are able!

If you would like to schedule a Zoom virtual meeting with a graduate admission counselor, please send a request to