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Transfer Student Service Center

Transfer Student Service Center

The Transfer Student Service Center (TSSC) is designed to enhance the overall experience for incoming and newly enrolled transfer students. Our main goal is to ensure that the transfer student has a successful transition from a previous institution to the SXU community. The transfer process can be very challenging which is why the TSSC has been created to help students achieve a baccalaureate degree from SXU.

The following services are in place to assist our prospective and newly enrolled transfer students:

We offer clear and concise pathways for students to follow while at a community college,
tailored transfer advising, a transfer-serving/transfer-friendly space and
mentorship program for incoming transfer students.

Our staff collaborate with academic departments to form transfer pathways for community college students and coordinates a transfer advisory committee which includes members from Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Services, Learning Center/Writing Studio and the Center for Accessibility Resources to provide key support.

For more information about the Transfer Student Service Center, you may call 773-298-3510 or email,

Transfer Student Experience

Alumna and transfer student, Christine Manika speaks about her experience transferring into SXU in the Alumni Spotlight below: