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Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus Residence Halls

Special Categories of Attendance

Unclassified Admission

Seeking Saint Xavier University Degree

The unclassified admission category is a temporary status for qualified students who are in the process of applying for admission but whose applications are incomplete.

The Admission Committee will review these candidates for regular admission when all official documents have been received. The Office of Admission must receive official transcripts by the add/drop date of the first semester of attendance.

If an unclassified admission student is not fully admitted by the add/drop date of the first semester of attendance, the admission status becomes student-at-large, and thus, the student is ineligible for financial aid. Scholarships and/or need-based aid will be revoked accordingly.


Not Seeking Saint Xavier University Degree

A student who enrolls in classes as either part or full time, but does not intend to be a candidate for a degree at SXU, may take classes as a student-at-large. This category includes, among others:

  1. A person who has completed his or her junior year of high school or a high school graduate who wishes to take college-level courses.
  2. A student presently in good standing at another college or who left another college in good standing, who registers for one or more classes at Saint Xavier University and plans to transfer the credit to another institution.
  3. A person holding a bachelor's degree who wishes to take courses for further enrichment.

No more than 27 credit hours of coursework earned as a student-at-large may be applied toward an undergraduate degree at Saint Xavier University. At that time, the student should indicate intent to continue as a student-at-large or request admission to the University as a degree-seeking student. The University reserves the right to request the student-at-large to provide official transcripts from previously attended schools, colleges or universities.

The student-at-large should consult the University catalog for course prerequisites. Students who register inappropriately for a course are at risk of being dropped from the class.

A student denied admission to Saint Xavier University or dismissed from Saint Xavier University may not register as a student-at-large. International students are not permitted to register as students-at-large.

Students who are eligible can complete the Student-at-Large Registration Form.