Campus Life

Virtual Student Organization Center

Campus Life and Campus Ministry are teaming up to keep the SXU community connected while students are learning remotely. If we can't have you with us in the SOC, we'll bring the SOC to you!

This page will be updated frequently so be sure to check back regularly for new details and opportunities, especially as we add more virtual activities.

If you have any ideas for innovative events or ways to stay connected virtually, we would love to hear them. Please submit your ideas via The Den.

Virtual Activities

Several Registered Student Organizations, X-Factor Student Leadership positions and Campus Departments are still hosting opportunities for engagement. Please check The Den and this page regularly to participate in any upcoming opportunities.

Click on the link to drop in during Virtual SOC Office Hours:

Visit The Den for all upcoming virtual activities and more information!

Virtual Resources

SXU Counseling Center - Phone and Online Counseling

A word from Brian Kelly, director of the Counseling Center:

The Counseling Center remains committed to serving our students during this difficult and uncertain time. Due to the importance of practicing social distancing, we are pleased to offer sessions by phone and will soon offer online counseling known as Telehealth. In order to have a session online, all you'll need is a quiet, private place with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. If you are a current client, we encourage you to communicate with your counselor the way you would normally either through email or phone. If you are a new client, you can submit a Request For Services Form

We encourage any students who are struggling to reach out for help!

This is a collection of resources to support student's mental health. Most of these resources are free.

*Please note -- this page is updated and changed regularly. Also, we cannot guarantee that a specific link is up-to-date.

**The Counseling Center is not responsible for creating or maintaining any these resources, and is not responsible for any of the information contained on the below pages or any related pages. When you click a link below, you will be taken to a website outside of SXU domains. Please use at your own risk.

Check out this comprehensive list of Information and Resources that Mental Health America has compiled related to Mental Health and COVID-19.

Dean of Students Office

We realize the move to Remote Learning causes disruption from the rich learning and social environment cultivated through personal interaction and face-to-face instruction. We are committed to develop individual solutions, where possible, to help you complete your education this spring.

Please submit a Remote Learning Support Request to share your individual challenges. We will evaluate and provide as much support as possible to maintain productive learning experiences.

Stay Active and Connected

Virtual Resources for Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

Curated by Hana Tulemat, graduate assistant for Student Activities. Please be sure to check back often as more will be added.

Being able to connect with your organization is important, especially during a time like this. Staying connected will keep your organization active and engaged with the community you've worked so hard to build. Here are some options and resources you can use to stay connected this semester.

If your RSO has scheduled meetings, discussions, socials or other communications, please continue to have them virtually. You are still able to host speakers, online social events and more. Check out this virtual induction ceremony for example. The following resources can be used to do so:

Google Suites

Google Hangouts

Utilizing Google Hangouts to conduct your virtual meetings is a great resource. Sign up for Google with your SXU email and then download the Google Hangouts app. You can add email addresses to start a group chat or group video conference. Note that video conferences can only have up to 10 people, but group chats can have up to 150 people.

Please read how to start a video call, if you're unfamiliar. This type of resource can be used for your board meetings, Q and A seminars for your organizations or an unscheduled meeting to stay connected with everyone.

Google Hangouts Meet

To schedule video conferences for meetings, Google Hangouts Meet is a good resource. Google Hangouts Meet is similar to Google Hangouts, but both can be used. Explore your options and get started.

Google Slides

A great way to stay active visually for your RSO is to use Google Slides. Through this resource, you can make Power Points and then upload them as a PDF under Documents; this is a great way to give a presentation that you can turn into a virtual activity.

Google Calendar

Stay organized and on time with Google Calendar. This resource is a digital calendar you can utilize to schedule meetings for your RSO and keep yourself organized.

Please don't forget to add your meetings to The Den as well!

The Den

The Den has multiple resources for you to use to stay connected and active for your board and its members. Under Manage Organization, Menu there are the following tabs:

Under News, you can add information for all organizations and the SXU community to view, such as updates, interesting articles relating to your organization or tips and methods you think other organizations can use to stay involved and connected. You can also announce new leadership, election results for your E-Board and more. Utilizing News is a great way for you to stay active in the RSO community.

Under Elections, you can set up an entire online election process and create a ballot for your officer elections. Not only does this streamline your elections, but it creates a way for your RSO to stay on track for officer transition and setting up leadership for the next academic year. To learn more about how to set up elections on The Den, check out this article.

Under Roster, there is a section called Messaging. Here you can create a relay (mass email) to your organization, to specific members and more.

Under Documents, you can add a file to publish Minutes from your board meetings for the rest of the organization to see and read what the board talked about, planned or changed.

What are Minutes?

Minutes are a way to organize your board meetings under each member and their input. Usually, the President will take notes and then upload the Minutes to the Documents tab.

Saint Xavier Council's document tab indicates their RSO's Minutes. Please use The Saint Xavier Council's Meetings example as an outline for your own RSO Minutes and feel free to customize it the way you like.