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Saint Xavier Council

We, Saint Xavier Council (SXC), strive to promote unity on campus, instill a sense of school pride and inspire students to become active and engaged members of the SXU community.

SXC serves as the:

  • voice of the student body by sharing student ideas, opinions and concerns with administrators, and enacting legislation to create satisfactory resolutions for students;
  • sponsor of annual, campus-wide programs, activities and special events which work to foster and build traditions and community amongst students;
  • administrator of the Student Activity Fund (SAF) to registered student organizations (RSOs) and link between students, RSO's, faculty, and administrators of the entire SXU community by allocating SAF to monies to RSOs, managing SXC's operational budget, and performing annual financial analysis and review by working to create multiple avenues of communication for students to contribute to and learn about all that is happening on campus.

SXC is the official student body organization for the University and formally acts as a liaison among students, faculty, administration and the surrounding university community. SXC's stated mission is to provide an effective and responsive student government, advocate student rights and concerns, enhance the overall academic and campus experience, inform the student body about academic and administrative processes, and increase the awareness of SXC, and demonstrate the student's impact on the University.

Get Involved!

Are you interested in representing a student constituency? Do you want to work on a campus programming board? There are both volunteer Senator positions for SXC as well as paid student leadership positions. For more information about paid leadership positions on SXC, visit the X-Factor Student Leadership Page. More information about volunteer Senator positions will be posted and emailed to all students in the fall semester.

Contact Us

Paulina Goryl
Executive President

Joine Leake
Executive Vice President for Legislation

Meghan Mullin
Executive Vice President for Business and Finance

Katherine Hutto
Executive Vice President for Programming

Nada Alaraj
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Affairs

Alexa Zaharris
Staff Advisor for SXC
Director of Campus Life

Student Activities - Visit SXC in the Office
Office: WAC, L-109B (SOC)
Phone: 773-298-3115