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Individual Counseling


College is a time of excitement, challenge and growth. You will develop not just academically, but personally as well. If at some point in your college experience some life circumstances become overwhelming and cause emotional or mental distress, the Counseling Center offers free, confidential counseling to help you cope.

Licensed counselors are available to assist you with concerns such as relationship conflicts, family problems, loss/grief, stress management, anxiety or depression as well as a range of other personal, social, emotional or psychological issues.

To request services, complete a Request for Services Form electronically, or complete one in the Counseling Center, located at 3911 103rd Street in the Driehaus Center.

If this is an emergency, please call 911 or 3911 on campus.

Here's What You Can Expect Upon Submitting a Request for Services Form

Once this form is submitted, the student will be contacted by the intake coordinator within one business day to schedule a 30-minute initial assessment with one of the counselors. After the initial assessment, the client will be assigned to a counselor who best fits their needs and that counselor will contact the client for the intake session.

At the intake session, usually one hour, the student can share their thoughts and concerns, and together with the counselor, set goals for treatment. The student will be asked to complete a quick computer assessment to be used to measure improvement or to help clarify the problem. The counselor will evaluate all of the information and recommend the best approach or technique to address the student's issue. The rest of the sessions are typically 45-50 minutes. While the Counseling Center uses a brief treatment model of 10-12 sessions, the counselors are more concerned about the specific needs of each student and will adjust the number of sessions as necessary.

If you would like to discuss how counseling works, or have a question for a counselor, the Counseling Center has a counselor available from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday through Friday to talk with you. During these conversations, time with the counselor is limited to 10 minutes, but if further time is needed, the counselor will discuss options with you.


Counselors maintain strict professional standards of confidentiality and privacy. The exceptions to confidentiality are when you indicate or a counselor believes you present an foreseeable danger to yourself or others, a child or vulnerable adult is being subjected to abuse or neglect or a court order requires disclosure of counseling files. Our files are separate from your academic and health records. In order to ensure the highest quality of care, we sometimes consult with clinical supervisors and fellow counselors. This consultation falls within the bounds of confidentiality and all efforts are made to ensure your privacy.


If the counselor determines that the psychological or medical problems that a student is experiencing requires more intensive therapy or a specialized treatment approach that is not available through the Counseling Center, a referral will be discussed with the student and made to an agreed upon off-campus treatment facility. The Counseling Center does not provide legal services such as written reports or court testimony.