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After Hours Care

The SXU Health Center is open Monday through Friday. Here is some information about where you can go if we are closed:


Dial 911

If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, dial 911.

In you are on campus, please notify the Public Safety emergency line (x3911) after you call 911. Public safety will be able to guide the emergency vehicles to where you are on campus. Please see the 3911 Policy for more details.

Emergency Room

  • Emergency rooms are open 24 hours and will see you regardless of your insurance coverage. Please see our Where to Go for Care page for more information about what conditions are typically seen in an emergency room.
  • There are two local hospitals near the SXU Campus if you need to be seen at an Emergency Room:
  • If you are not near campus, proceed to your nearest local emergency room for assistance.


SXU Students

For non-emergency medical assistance outside of the Health Center's business hours:

  • SXU students currently living in the residence halls should contact a staff member of Residence Life and/or Public Safety Dispatch at 773-298-4400.
  • SXU commuter students who are on-campus can contact Public Safety Dispatch at 773-298-4400 for assistance. If you are off-campus please proceed to your local physician office, urgent care, or emergency room.

Urgent Care

  • Urgent care centers are generally open 7 days per week with late hours. They usually are NOT open 24 hours.
  • Urgent care centers are not required to accept all insurances. We recommend verifying that they accept your insurance before walking in or making an appointment.
  • Are you unsure what types of conditions are seen at an urgent care? See our Where to Go for Care page for more information.
  • Below are two local urgent care centers near the SXU Campus:

Retail Clinics

  • Retail clinics generally see patients for situations similar to the SXU Health Center, although they can be expensive. They are generally open 7 days per week, so they can be a good option when we are closed.
  • Some clinics can bill your insurance and some charge fees based on services. We recommend verifying what the charges will be before visiting a retail clinic.
  • Below are two local retail clinics near the SXU Campus:

Nurse Line

  • Many insurance plans offer a 24-hour nurse call line. The number would be listed on the back of your insurance card.