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Evaluation and Diagnosis

The clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for over 350 individuals with various communication disorders each year. Clients range in age from infancy to adulthood. Many receive treatment for communication disorders due to autism, apraxia, developmental delay, cognitive impairments, cleft palate, stroke, cerebral palsy and brain injury. The clinic delivers individualized and group speech and language therapy to treat clients with the following communication disorders:

  • Phonology/Articulation: Problems in developing and producing correct sounds for clear, intelligible speech.
  • Child Language: Delay or disorder in children's development of comprehension and/or expression of words and sentences.
  • Social Communication: Difficulties with conversational skills, verbal interaction, problem solving and understanding feelings and emotions.
  • Aphasia/Stroke: Impairment in the ability to use language symbols due to brain injury affecting speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Cognition/Brain Injury: Impairments in memory, attention, information processing, problem solving and organization.
  • Stuttering: Disturbance of rhythm and fluency of speech with repetitions, prolongations and/or blocking of sounds, syllables, words or phrases.
  • Voice: Conditions of hoarseness, nasality, abnormal pitch or intensity or absence of voice.
  • Auditory Processing: Specific difficulty in the understanding of spoken language often manifested as confusion following oral directions, inability to answer spoken questions and reduced vocabulary development.
  • Hearing Impairment: Problems in comprehending and/or producing speech and language due to varying degrees of hearing loss.

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