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Financial Literacy


Budgeting helps you clear out any costs, reach your goals, and get a good start on building your credit.

In its simplest form, budgeting means having control over your income and expenses. When you budget, you notice a difference in how you spend your money.

Student Loan Repayment

Students can navigate their student loan repayment process, make payments, change repayment plans, explore options and get help at Manage Loans.


This section talks on what it takes to build good credit, how to sustain it while in school, and how loans affect your credit score.

From borrowing money to paying interest, credit will always play a major role in finance. What is credit? How does it work? What types of credit are there? These questions, account activation and more are answered in the WhichWay Website section below.

Check out this helpful credit article How To Build Credit As A College Student from Bankrate.


Choosing a bank might be an exciting financial step to take and should not be difficult.

There is a wide variety of banks to choose from. Within those banks, there are several types of accounts. The most basic accounts are: Checking Account and Savings Account.

Check out How to Choose a Bank That's Right for You from for more details.

WhichWay Website

This site will incorporate a sense of Financial Literacy all around the student. This website is designed to inform anyone in SXU about different financial literacy topics. From student loan management, to increasing credit, to financial aid information. There is great knowledge to be learned here, and it is all simplified through a versatile website. Account activation needed (name, email, ID, and birthday required).

To find out more about this Financial Guide please contact:

Jacqueline Taylor
Email: jtaylorFREESXU
Phone: 773-298-3075