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Tuition Exchange Programs

Dependents of Saint Xavier University employees may be eligible for tuition exchange with other private colleges and universities. The three tuition exchange programs in which Saint Xavier University participates are:

Please note the following:

  • Guidelines for participation in each of these three programs are outlined in writing on their website.
  • Each program requires completion of a separate application to initiate the process.
  • Eligibility for the program one year does not guarantee continuation of the scholarship in subsequent years.
  • In most cases, a separate application must be completed for each college or university.
  • In most cases, the receiving school will require you to be an admitted student before reaching a decision on your tuition exchange application.
  • Tuition exchanges are scholarships, not benefits. They are almost always merit based and competitive.
  • The receiving school finally determines the scholarship, not Saint Xavier University. That is to say, the college or university to which you are applying sets its own criteria and limits on how many awards are made and to whom they are made.
  • Saint Xavier University is not limited in the number of people who can be certified as eligible. However, we must carefully manage certifications for eligibility to ensure that we are not exporting more students than importing over a period of time. The means for doing so may include, but is not be limited to, the following:
    • moratorium on new export certifications
    • waiting list for new export certifications
    • limitation of eligibility for the duration of the scholarship to one or two years
    • limitation of eligibility to one per family
  • Generally speaking, if you or your dependents are eligible for tuition benefits at Saint Xavier University, then you will be certified as eligible to apply for this award at other participating schools.
  • Saint Xavier University accepts no responsibility for any misunderstandings between applicants and institutions concerning the selection and award process, amount or duration of scholarships, or any special circumstances, which might lead to early termination of tuition exchange award.

Application Information

Faculty and staff may apply online for the Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange at any time. Most, but not all, CIC-TEP schools will require admission to the school before they will reach a decision on your tuition exchange application.

Faculty and staff may apply for the Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange at any time after admission. A copy of the admission letter must accompany your application to this program. Submit applications directly to the Office of Financial Aid in room A-216 of the Warde Academic Center, or by email at finaidFREESXU.

Faculty and staff must apply online for The Tuition Exchange, Inc. certification by October 31 the year before their dependent plans to enroll in college, assuming there is not a moratorium on new certifications in force. Applications will be reviewed on November 1. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of TE scholarships, applications will be certified according to the anniversary date of continuous full time employment at Saint Xavier University.

For guidelines and information about these programs, please contact the University's liaison officer for tuition exchange programs, Susan Swisher, at 773-298-3070 or swisherFREESXU.