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STEM encompasses the complex disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you love science and technology or have a creative, inquisitive spirit, STEM could be a great match for you!

STEM fields are some of the most exciting and fastest-growing employment areas today. Whether analyzing complex data sets, using computer science algorithms and mathematical modeling; designing a new phone app; utilizing analytical chemistry skills to test water quality or food safety, or furthering a STEM education in a professional school to work in health care, the jobs in STEM are plentiful and varied.

To be success in a STEM career, you must first earn a bachelor degree. Bachelor of Science degrees are typically the minimum degree required for a STEM career; although, some require further graduate studies. Completing this program, you will be ready for:

  • Direct entry into the technical workforce
  • High school teaching
  • Graduate study in the field
  • Law school
  • Professional health care programs like medicine, dentistry or others

Explore Our Programs

Saint Xavier University shares your enthusiasm for STEM and offers majors in:

At SXU, you can engage with expert faculty in labs and face-to-face and hybrid classes. You also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor in a collaborative research project and showcase that work at the SXU Research Expo and at regional and national conferences.

Utilize our STEM Studio, which offers activities designed to provide continuous academic support, peer and faculty mentorship, field experience and other opportunities to create a community of STEM scholars.

Start your journey to a brighter future with SXU's STEM programs! Apply for free today.